Saturday, November 03, 2012


We lead by example.
We lead by delegating.
We lead by coaching.
We lead by supporting.

We lead with words.
We lead with vision.
We lead with actions.
We lead with everything we think and say and do.

We may lead looking for agreement.
We may lead seeking power.
We may lead to make a change.
We may lead to win.

Positive leadership seeks what is beneficial.
Positive leadership seeks to encourage.
Positive leadership seeks to empower.
Positive leadership seeks to heal and teach, inspire and promote.

When we are confident, others follow.
When we are clear, others listen.
When we are communicative, others speak up.
When we are committed, others trust.

Where we are uncertain, others are ambivalent.
Where we are demanding, others rebel.
Where we are non communicative, others are silent.
Where we lack commitment, others are indifferent.

When we are willing to choose what is best for everyone, others want to support.
When we are open to new ideas, others seek to share what they know and believe.
When we are respectful of all involved, others want to follow our lead.
When we are sensitive to the different needs of others, they love, trust and believe in us.

We live in a culture of immaturity and adolescent behavior.
When children interact with leaders, teachers and authority, they often resist and react.
When confronted with leadership, people may test the leader before they trust and follow.
When offered the leadership of one who listens, learns, lets go and loves, they learn to trust.

When leaders are consistent, the people learn to trust.
When leaders are open and available, the people learn to share.
When leaders are caring and considerate, the people learn to support them.
When leaders responsive to the needs of the people, the people learn to be helpful.

What kind of leader are you at home and work?
What are you teaching and showing others by your thoughts, words and behavior?
Are you living in integrity with what you teach and tell others to do?
Are you the kind of leader, teacher, parent, manager you trust and want to follow? 

Always listening, learning and looking within myself,
Betty Lue