Sunday, November 04, 2012

How Do You Lead?

Time falls back to standard time for many of us around the world. 
Daylight Savings time was introduced to not waste energy. 
I made up my own rationale, but was surprise to know it was introduced to not waste the early morning hours, to not waste fuel for heat and light and to give more leisure time for workers, etc.
Now we are back on the time that most of the world ascribes to. Farmers and people who live by the sun will continue to  use the sun to guide their activities no matter what the clock says.  Enjoy whatever you make up or believe!!!***

How Do You Lead?

If you want to lead, serve the people you lead.
If you want to teach, learn from those you teach.
If you want to be trusted, do what you say.
If you want to be respected, respect all those with whom you relate.

People are watching your relationships.
People are listening for those they can trust.
People are wondering where there is safety.
People are wanting to be loved, respected and appreciated.

Ineffective leadership
Do you believe in do as I say and ignore what I do? 
Do you tell others what they should do?
Do you try to manage and control others?
Do people feel judged and criticized by you?

Children learn better and stay healthier when they feel loved and important.
Partners are more easily satisfied, helpful and supportive when they feel secure.
Employees work harder and with more independence when they feel appreciated.
People are more appreciative, when they feel appreciated and trusted.

Everything works better in all relationships, when we are sensitive to the needs of others.
Everything flows more easily, when we attune to the language of others.
Everything is more respectful, when we set confidential time to communicate freely.
Everything is more responsible, when we are willing to respond to individual circumstances.

Learn to discern what is needed and wanted in each encounter.
Some want to be heard and respected.
Some want help and support.
Some want appreciation and encouragement.
Some want to receive permission to go for it.
Some want to be forgiven and understood.
Some want trust in them and their ideas.
Some want to be seen and valued.
Some just want to connect and be loved.

Whatever you want from another, express and request your want clearly.
Ask if they are open and willing to participate and respond to your request.
If they are, be appreciative, respectful and receptive.
If they are not, be forgiving and understanding and kind.

Remember that what you want belongs to you.
Want without threat of quitting or punishment.
Want without expectation and obligation.
Want with freedom and trust in others right to choose what they want.

To serve the people well is to lead them where they want to go.
In Loving Service, 
Betty Lue