Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Complain or Appreciate?

Complaining is draining.
Choosing again takes willingness.
Admitting we are wrong may hurt.
Wasting time trying to be right hurts more.

Every irritant, big and small, is a wakeup call.
Every upset, criticism and complaint, is showing us we are off purpose.
When we know, love, trust and respect ourselves, we know our higher purpose.
When we believe in ourselves, we choose what supports the best in us.

Begin where you are.
Make note of what you judge the most.
Observe where you become upset and irritated.
Ask your mind, the archives you have stored your beliefs and experiences, judgment and feelings.

The real reason I am irritated or upset or hurt or sick is:_________________________________
Take private time to write down the pages of answers that are stored within.
They need not be logical, make sense or be what you consider important.  
Write them all down on the pages that are there for you to declare.

What we leave denied, negated, ignored or avoided stays within, clogs the system and becomes toxic.
Our personal and collective healing work is to become aware, acknowledge and forgive it all.
Our universal healing work is to forgive everything and everyone all the time including ourselves.
Our spiritual healing work is to clear ourselves so we can fully listen within to the Love in us.

When we get seek agreement for our upsets, we get ourselves stuck in needing to be right.
When we limit ourselves to our chosen judgment, we ignore what is under what is apparent.
When we get lost in the confusion of conflict and disagreement, we deceive ourselves with explanations.
When we have a fixed opinion or long time investment, we justify our complaint until it is ingrained.

When you are clear of all you fear and judge, you can choose again for what you want to be.
When you forgive and release all you confess, you can choose again for what you want to live.
When you know what you want to be so, you choose to believe (be and live) and achieve.
When you grow into what you prefer to know and see, you appreciate your choices.

Complaining only continues the habit of complaint.
Complaining creates more to complain about.
Complaining is a waste of time, money and energy.
The complaint is meant to wake us up to get up and do what we are here to do.

If you see a need, it is yours to fill.
If you have a complaint, it reminds you what to clean up in your own world.
If you complain enough, people will see you as the ‘whiner” and either join you and want to avoid you.
If you begin to be seen as a doer and appreciator, people will appreciate you and become more appreciative.

There is no need to create a fight.
Simply choose to make things right.
Do what you are called to do .
Others will follow your example.

Complain or appreciate.
One is petty, the other Great.
Take time to appreciate.
Your world will follow.

Loving us as we create when we appreciate,
Betty Lue

Affirmations for Conscious Healing  
by Betty Lue Lieber, MFT, Ph.D.
Letting go is fun, safe and easy.
I now easily bless and release all that no longer serves me.
I forgive with ease and let go with gratitude.
Everyone and everything is either giving love or calling for Love.
I am a Love giver.
The more I give Love, the more I have the Love I want.
Light, light, I want more light.
I choose to live with joy and give with gratitude.
I love my life and it loves me.
I have what I want and share the best I have.
Life works for me.
I am the chooser, never a loser.
Everything always works more exquisitely than I can plan.
I am clear, focused and committed.
I consciously communicate exactly what I want.
I trust in my inner knowing, always gentle, loving and true.
I let go of expectations, evaluations and disappointments.
I am creating a world of healing and love one person at a time.
The more I love and respect myself, the more others love and respect me.
The more I love and respect myself, the more I love and respect others.
The more I love and respect myself, the more others love and respect themselves.
I give myself the very best and all are blessed.
I am present, peaceful, awake and aware.
I share only the highest Truth I know and then I let go.
My happiness is contagious.
I replace all worry, fear and doubt with trust, freedom and blessing.
Peace and love and joy heal us All.
My body is a vehicle for learning only Love is Real. 

Useful suggestions for applying the technique of Autosuggestion to the Affirmations
Write each affirmation 10 to 20 times. 
Writing is an extremely powerful technique of autosuggestion.
 Work with one or more every day. Good times are just before sleeping, before starting the day and especially whenever you feel at effect.  
They can also be recorded on cassette tape and played back to yourself. 
The best way to do that is by recording each affirmation 5 or 10 times so that you have time to think about them when they are playing.
Make a list of the affirmations that are most meaningful to you.
Put specific names and situations into the affirmations.
Play with the vocabulary in the affirmation--make it personal and meaningful to  yourself.
Say the affirmations to yourself in the first, second and third persons as follows:  
I,  (name), now like myself.  You, (name), now like yourself.   Name, now likes him/herself. 
 Feel free to invent new ones.
 Continue working with them daily until they become totally integrated into your consciousness.
To dissolve negative mental patterns and free maximum aliveness in your consciousness, write each affirmation in order 10 or 20 times.  
Note the ones that are most meaningful or produce the greatest charge.  
Continue working with these until they go flat.  
When they go flat, you are at total cause and master of the results implied by the affirmations.