Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What Is Healing?

What is the process of Healing?
How Does Healing work?
How can we participate in healing?
How do we clear “dis-ease”, blocks and lack of Peace in life?

Dis-ease is lack of peace or lack of ease and flow.
Where there is conflict in the mind, there is lack of peace and constricted energy.
When the body, mind, relationships or finances have blocked energy, there is interference.
Inter-fear-ence is when fear enters into the flow or relationship.

Disease, problem or pain is the symptom or wakeup calling for attention and healing release.
We can experience this wakeup call on any or every level. (body, mind, emotions, relationships finances)
We can see it in our plants, pets, vehicle, home, or others.
We can notice certain issues presenting themselves in our clients or on the news.

When evidence of blocked energy or lack of love comes into our lives, it is an invitation to heal.
When we respond always and only with Love, the healing is done.
When we react with fear, we have internal blocks to clear.
Our reactions of fear, resistance, pain, upset, call for us to heal what interferes with a Loving Response.

When we forgive or remove the blockage and open the flow, the ease returns. 
Physical pain or conflict is released and peace returns.
We know, “Everything works together for the Good.” and “ All is well.”
When we do our healing work, “Awareness with Love is healing”, we are at peace.

We may go to an expert, (ie doctor, therapist, healer, consultant), to join and help in the healing.
When they are aware of healing energy, they may demonstrate and show us how to respond with love.
When they are at peace, they may provide us with a living guidance to come to peace ourselves.
When they understand both the fears, they may help us remove the blocks with knowledge and wisdom.

When the healing expert is wounded, misunderstands or is fearful, they may not be helpful.
When we bring our pain or problems to others for joining in the healing, we must choose wisely.
When we are clear about our intended outcome and beliefs in what is needed, we choose alignment.
When we are unclear about what we expect, need or believe, we may search endlessly for help.

Wherever two or more are joined in Love and Trust, there all things are possible.
Take time to find a healing partner to help you define the end you have in mind.
Take time to clear the fear and reactions which create blocks to the awareness of Love.
Take time to forgive and release the errors and unholy (unhealed) pictures you hold in mind.

It is our healed thoughts, that heal our emotions, that heal our bodies and our relationships.
It is our clear positive and loving beliefs that heal our home. our finances and our world.
When we live by the worlds rules, we may experience disease by the world’s rules.
When we live by spiritual principle, we can easily heal with spiritual principles.

When we live with conflict and upset as our norm, we expect more of the same.
When we live with peace and trust as our norm, we expect more of the same.
What we expect is usually what we get.
When we get what we don’t expect, it is simply a time to return to what we know is true.

This is healing: Remember Love and return to Wholeness,
Betty Lue

See the Love and you see the Wholeness.
Feel the Love and you feel the Holiness.
Know the Love and you trust in the Wholeness.

Healing Vs. Cure
(Used in the Wellness community)

1.  Cure may occur without healing.
   Healing may occur without cure.
   Healing and Cure may occur simultaneously.
2.  Cure considers the body separately from soul.
   Healing embraces the whole 
   (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relationships).
3.  Cure is acting upon and is based on fear.
   Healing is being with, in love and faith.
4.  Cure isolates.
   Healing incorporates.
5.  Cure combats illness.
   Healing fosters wellness.
6.  Cure fixes the body.
   Healing corrects perception.
7.  Cure is the application of external authority.
   Healing is an inner process.
8.  Cure is a closed system.
   Healing is an open system.
9. Cure focuses on the future.
   Healing focuses on the present.
10. Cure is performed upon another.
   Healing shares with a sister, brother.
11.  Cure manages.
   Healing touches.
12. Cure often issues from fear.
   Healing usually issues from faith.
13. Cure seeks to conquer pain.
   Healing seeks to transcend pain.
14. Cure seeks to hold grief at a distance.
   Healing incorporates grief.
15.  Cure has a beginning and an end.
   Healing is on ongoing process.
16. Cure encounters mystery as a challenge for knowledge and understanding.
   Healing encounters mystery as a challenge to find meaning.
17.  Cure focuses on what is happening to you.
   Healing focuses on how you respond to what is happening to you.
18. Cure rejects death and views it as a defeat.
   Healing includes death among the possible blessed outcomes.