Monday, October 15, 2012


How do you spend your time?
Do you waste time?
Do you want time?
Do you care?

Life is a holy instant, drawn out over time to be used for healing and remembering.
How we use our time determines our experiences of hurting or healing.
How we think determines our feelings of despair or joy. 
How we feel determines our physical pain and depletion or aliveness and energization.

With every encounter we have an opportunity to show ignorance and withhold or respect and gratitude.
With every word we can share negativity and criticism or kindness and appreciation.
With every thought we can extend frustration and inner conflict or delight and inner peace.
We are choosing how we use our time with every breath we take and every move we make.

Some see life as long and arduous.
Some see life as brief and delightful.
Some see life as a meaningful work.
Some see life as a meaningless play.

How you see your own life determines how you use it.
Use your life for good and you will feel good about your life.
Use your life for nothing and you will feel like nothing.
Use your life for giving and creating with joy and you will feel fulfilled and grateful.

I use my time with my life purpose in mind.
Everything I do with my time and energy and resources is designed to support my life purpose.
I feel creative, helpful, valuable and purposeful, when I give meaning to everything I think, do and say.
I honor the gift of time to serve the Greater Good and Life Mission that I have chosen.

Yes, we are called to have life and have it more abundantly.
How we use it is our choice.
We have volunteered to be here.
We stay to complete our mission.

Consider again and yet again.
What is your Holy Purpose?
What is your Reason for Being?
How are you called to live and love, give and serve?

Contemplate these questions.
When you know your own unique response, answer from your heart.
Live and Love, Give and Serve as you are called.
When you feel satisfied and grateful, you are using your time well.

When you feel irritated, impatient, critical, unhappy, in pain and despair, you know you are off purpose.
Life well lived and time well served yields happiness and inner peace.
Life wasted and meaningless yields sorrow, disappointment and inner frustration.
Forgive what you may judge in you and around you and choose again to create what you desire.

Every step we take is a new opportunity to choose again.
May this moment be the one in which you choose for the highest and best you know.
Perfection is not the goal.  
Be grateful for the journey of healing, learning, creating and enjoying.

Be happy with how you use your time today.
I am.
Betty Lue