Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Time To Stay or Time to Go?

How do you know?
Do you stay too long?  
Do you leave too soon?
Do you never really get where you are going?

Maybe it is neither, but rather time to really be where you are!
Often we are staying to try to heal or feel loved or get closure.
Or we may leave because we are not feeling safe or happy or loved.
It is possible that we are stuck and unable or unwilling to make our own changes?

In all relationships, casual, intimate, business and chance encounters, there is a call for healing.
The call for healing is revealing any blocks to the awareness of love, the gift of love and call for love.
In all relationships we have the opportunity to notice our feelings, our beliefs, our fears and judgments.
We realize what separates us from others and keep us stuck feeling alone and unloved.

Usually we blame the other for this lack of safety, inner peace and simple happiness.
We may try and try to get the love we want, not understanding it is our love we need to find.
We may criticize, seduce and demand the love we want, only to be rejected, abandoned and ignored.
We may continue our pattern of getting attention with positive and negative behaviors, only to lose.

When we wake up to our self made position of lack, limitation and littleness, we can forgive and choose again.
If at first we don’t succeed, try and try again.   But never the same thing that didn’t work before!
Persistence is a valuable technique for success unless we are banging our head against the same wall.
It is important to step back and let love, trust, freedom, appreciation and open-mindedness lead the way.

When it doesn’t work, stop and do something else.
When you want a relationship to be a blessing to everyone, be the blessing in the relationship.
When you want respect and trust to be experienced in the relationship, be respectful and trusting.
When you want love and caring to be experienced in your relationships, be loving and caring.

It is always up to the most conscious one to provide what is needed, to give what is wanted.
You, the reader right now, are the most conscious one.
Stop looking for, begging, trying to fix or criticize or teach the other with words.
Simply imagine, do, be and have what you want right now.

When you quit or leave a relationship too soon, you will find a new relationship to continue what you need to learn.
When you stay too long with the same unfulfilling experience, you leave with regret and never know what went wrong.

  • Leave every relationship with gratitude or continue every relationship with gratitude.
  • Leave every relationship with blessing or continue every relationship with blessing.
  • Learn and teach the best you know in every relationship and appreciate your learning.
  • Recognize your blocks to the awareness of Love’s Presence and release those blocks.
  • Be the love finder and let go of being a love seeker by being the Love giver in every relationship.
  • Recognize love in its many forms and give love to others in the way most easy for them to receive.

Love is our natural state.  
We are happiest when we are loving.
So naturally give the love within you.
And receive the love you give with full appreciation.

Remembering to always and only to love one and all with each Loving Reminder I write.
Betty Lue