Friday, October 26, 2012

The Good Life

How do we have the “Good Life”?
The Good Life comes from being good and doing Good.
The Good life comes with appreciating the life you have.
The Good life comes from letting go of envy, comparison, competition and wanting more.

How do we have what we want?
We need to be very clear about our true values.
We need to acknowledge what we really want.
We often “want” what others have, rather than identifying what we really want.

How do we know what we really want?
We already experience what we want consciously and unconsciously.
Our programming and past history often are playing through our thoughts, words and behaviors.
When we undo, forgive and erase all that we no longer want to be true for us, we are free to choose again.

How do we clear up the “not Good stuff” in our lives?
Identify what you really value and your priorities.
Let go of everything that is not of value with your blessing.
Make this a regular practice of letting go with gratitude.

What is the value of having stuff we don’t want?
For some, the value is in recognizing what is true and what is not.
Some are here to heal past generations of false beliefs and experiences.
Many of us have what we don’t want, because we are victims of our own limiting thoughts.

When will we be free to have the Good Life?
Freedom comes from letting go of all limitation for ourselves and others.
Freedom comes from encouraging everyone to have what they really want.
Freedom comes when we trust it is fun, safe and easy to have the Good Life.

What can we do to simplify and quicken the process?
Give always and only Good to everyone.
Simplify your values and stay true to what is true for you.
Forgive any and every mistaken choice immediately.

How do we let go and be true to ourselves?
Regularly clear your home, office, schedule and mind of everything that does not bring joy and peace.
Listen within for what you really want and need to be your best happy, healthy and free.
Choose with gratitude that which is truly for the Highest Good for you and everyone.

Life is a Grand Undoing.
We are here to have life and experience it more abundantly.
When we mistaken fill our lives with temporal, transitory stuff, there is no room for what is real and lasting.
Let us choose again to enjoy and celebrate what has heart and meaning, Love, Joy, and Peace

This is the Good Life!
Loving you,  
Betty Lue

These tools are free for everyone. 
Master them one at a time. 
You will see that each one of us is given the tools for success.
It is work to use them with excellence.  

Let me know if you get stuck in the process. 
I am here wanting only the Good Life for you.
Betty Lue

Your Power Tools for Success  

Power Tools
                  Clarity                Erase doubt and fear.
                  Communication  Be self-aware.
                  Choice                Be at cause.
                  Change               Trust the unknown.
                  Commitment       Wholeheartedly go for it.
                  Contribution        Give what has heart & meaning.
                  Celebration         Appreciate & enjoy the good in life.

Seven Steps To Success
                  Vision                  See it                 Imaging Your Desired Outcome
                  Faith                   Believe it           Self-Confidence & Trust
                  Passion               Desire it            Desire & Enthusiasm
                  Commitment       Choose it           Persistence & Determination
                  Strategy              Plan it                Planning & Preparation
                  Action                 Go for it             Willingness & Taking Action
                  Gratitude            Enjoy it              Appreciation & Acknowledgment

I clearly see....

I know....

I desire....

I choose....

I am prepared....

Today I am committed to....

This week I am committed to....

This month I am committed to....

This year I am committed to....