Thursday, October 11, 2012

Speak Your Mind

Speak your mind to those who care.
Speak your mind when others will listen.
Speak your mind when you know it matters.
Speak your mind when there is something important to share.

Too often we speak whenever we want.
Often we speak to those who don’t care.
Often we speak to those who will judge us.
Often we speak when there is nothing there.

When we respect ourselves, we will not put ourselves in a position to be hurt.
When we respect others, we will not impose our words or ideas on others.
When we respect others, we will not blame and criticism, attack and demand.

Use words only when necessary.
Use words when they are valuable.
Use words when they are valued.
Use words to declare what you really want.

Using words to invalidate will invalidate your words.
Using words to fill the space makes your words vacant and meaningless.
Using words to hurt or belittle only belittles the speaker.
Using words to discourage, humiliate and overpower, serves only to bully others with words.

Our words have power.
Our words are tools to be used for Good.
Our words can be destructive or creative.
Our words can harm or heal.

When you speak your mind, be clear, concise and committed to good they will do.
When you speak your mind, be aware you are talking first and foremost to yourself.
When you speak your mind, be sure you want the whole world to be listening.
When you speak your mind, be honest with what you believe and how you live.

Remember that your words are teaching everyone everywhere.
Remember that even though they are said to one, on another level all can hear you.
Remember that words are hollow when we are talking at someone rather than with another.
Remember that how you live is the greatest demonstration of the truth you share.

Erase angry words.
Relinquish gossiping words.
Stop fear-ful words.
Let go of hurtful words.

Everything your say comes back to you another day.
Everything you speak becomes the background for your life.
Everything you share tells the values and principles you live by.
Everything your think and say and do teaches all the Universe.

When you want to dump, let go and release, make sure you put your toxic words into garbage disposal.

Be responsible with your words.
Be kind with your words.
Be respectful with your words.
Be appreciative of the words you speak.

Loving you,  
Betty Lue

From Sierra Lynne White:
Please join her this Saturday, October 13th for the DANCES OF UNIVERSAL PEACE, 55 Eckley Lane, Walnut Creek. Potluck at 6:30pm - DANCES: 7:30-9:30pm
This month we will be thankful for the harvest and ready ourselves for the letting go into winters rich introspection.  Let's celebrate the ever-flowing Source of Life with unconditional love and compassion from the Holy One.  May we absorb it for strength and healing in ourselves and each other.  May we radiate it out to bless and bring peace to the world. Please join us as we renew our spirits with sacred song and movement honoring all the world's faiths and wisdom traditions.  
PLEASE NOTE:  THIS MONTH WE WELCOME NEW AND OLD FRIENDS TO MEET IN THE CHILDRENS CHAPEL IN THE GILMARTIN BUILDING TO THE RIGHT FROM THE PARKING LOT where we will praise, give thanks and pray for peace, love harmony and beauty!   Come, come whoever you are – Only LOVE is flowing here!
"My peace theme:  Eat, Dance and Pray together" - Murshid Samuel Lewis (Dances originator)                    
Suggested donation $10 or love offering of any amount.


Assertive People Do:
  1. Decide what they want.
  2. Decide if it is fair.
  3. Ask for it clearly.
  4. Are not afraid of taking risks.
  5. Are calm and relaxed.
  6. Express feelings openly.
  7. Give and take compliments easily.
  8. Accept and give fair evaluation.

Assertive People Do not:
  1. Beat about the bush.
  2. Go behind other people's backs.
  3. Bully.
  4. Call people names.
  5. Bottle up their feelings.

The more I respect myself, the more I respect others.
 The more I respect myself, the more others respect me.
 The more I respect myself, the more others respect themselves.
 Therefore, I choose to respect myself more.