Sunday, October 07, 2012

Practice Kindness

Where do we begin?
How will we know how to be kind, if we are not kind to ourselves?
How will we know how to be kind to ourselves, if we have not been treated kindly.
How can we know that Love is kind, if we have not experienced kindness and Love?
How will we know how to treat all with loving kindness, if we have not seen or heard how to love with kindness?

Let us first recognize we must forgive and let go of all errors to love ourselves.
Let us forgive all our “sins”, no matter what the world teaches us.
Let us be gentle with our apparent failures and losses, inadequacies and ignorance.
Let us undo the limiting messages of those who did not know “kindness”.

Treat yourself with love, respect and appreciation.
Be gentle and honorable.
Be kind in your language.
Be gentle with your body.
Be good to your mind.
Be respectful of your feelings.
Be appreciative of your work.
Be dignified with your behavior.
Be honorable with your relationships.
Be honest with your principles and integrity.

Love yourself really well in all things and in every relationship.
When we are hard on ourselves in private, we are hard on others in private as well.
To practice the golden rule, we must treat others as we want to be treated.
When we cannot love ourselves well, how can we love others well?

Be kind to your body.
Eat well, and rest well.
Be kind to your mind.
Think well of yourself and your creations.
Be kind to your feelings.
Listen to your emotions and respond with Love.
Be kind to your life.
Look on all things with open-mindedness and appreciation.
Be kind to others.
Forgive ignorance and unkindness.
Be kind to the earth.
Appreciate the bounty and beauty you receive everyday.
Be kind to all creatures.
Enjoy their presence and treat them respectfully.
Be kind to the nations around the world.
Respect the right of every people to learn in their own timing and own way.
Be kind to what is before us during this election season.
Vote your affirmative and informed choices, trusting in the Highest Good.
Be kind to humanity and to our worldly condition.
Forgive all unkindness and ignorance, duality and separation.
Be kind to your whole and Holy Self.
Respond to all things, events and people with Loving Kindness.

You are the Healer of Ignorance and Giver of Kindness.
You set the stage for all you encounter by your demonstration.
You lead the way with your thoughts, words and deeds.
You are the giver and Receiver of all Loving Kindness.

Begin today by loving and being Kind to YOU!
Betty Lue

May we all learn to be kind to our kin.  
And everyone is Kin. 
We are all family.

Forgiveness is the Key to Happiness and Inner Peace

Every morning and every night, say this prayer:

I forgive everything and everyone, every experience and every memory of the past and present that needs forgiveness.
I forgive positively everyone.
I am now forgiven by everything and everyone of the past and present that needs to forgive me.
I know that forgiveness unblocks whatever stands between me and my good.

I am grateful this is so.