Monday, October 22, 2012

Life is Good

Life is Good, when I believe in Goodness.
Life is not so good, when I believe it is not so good.
Life is bad and difficult and dangerous, when I believe this to be true.
I choose to think, see and know Life to be Good, and so it is for me.

What is there to heal?
Anytime I have guilt or shame, regret or blame, I need to heal.
Anytime I have upset or pain, or deny or disclaim, there is some thought to change.
Anytime I judge or fear, I have some notion to clear.

What is there to do?
To find the Good, I need to undo what I name as not good.
To see the Good, I need to forgive what I judge as not good.
To be the Good, I need to forgive, erase and release the mistakes of our past.

What is there to reveal?
I need to clear away the debris to really see what is here right now.
I need to stop making wrong and sing the song of happiness and gratitude.
I need to feel the peace with full release of all that lived in conflict and fear in my mind.

When we make amends for all offense, we are free to live the Good life.
When we release regret by paying our debts, we can trust in Abundant Giving.
When we undo the false by changing our righteous thoughts, we can hear the Truth within.
When we know there is no where to go and nothing to do but live what is True, Life Is Good.

We are the Good we seek.
We are the Good we know.
We are the Good we want to be.
We can heal the past and reveal present Gift of the Good that already is.

Believe it or not, the simple truth is true.
Believe it or not, what we want, we already have.
Believe it or not, our work is to undo what isn’t true.
Believe it or not, there is nothing to “get”, except to let go.

Life is Good, when we know we can let go.
Life is Good, when we see the Good within.
Life is Good, when we listen for the Truth within.
Life is Good, when we share only the Good we know.

Life is for giving.
We are the Gifts.
It is in giving the Gifts of Goodness that we are.
It is in this, we fully realize the Good that already Is.

Begin now to only teach what you want to remember. 
And give now what you want to receive.
And Be now what you want for your world.

Loving all as One, 
Betty Lue