Saturday, October 27, 2012

Back on the Mainland

With Aloha Spirit, we are home again.  
Relaxed and renewed, always open for what serves the Greater Good.
When we reenter our ordinary life, we must remember to bring the extraordinary with us.
When we return from vacation, we need to bring elements of vacation peace and happiness.

When we meditate, go on a hike or take a day off work, it is important to return with something special.
When we take a deep breath, say a prayer or have a tea or coffee break, it is valuable to find inner peace.
When we find something special, loving and good, it must become our gift to offer in the next moment.
When we can bring home the extraordinary joy, appreciation, calm, clarity, we carry it with us for all.

So often in relationships we neglect to share the good moments we experience.
Many times we leave the laughter on vacation and return to seriousness.
We may slow down and really enjoy a few moments of peace and then return to rushing and worrying.
We can learn to come home with a natural sweetness, pleasure and profound gratitude for life.

We may get caught in day to day schedules, busy-ness and endless lists of needs and wants and have to’s.
We may have learned to take a break to breathe is slacking off or just plain irresponsible.
Or we might feel that work is too hard, too boring or just not worth it, so we don’t do anything.
Whether we do too much or too little, the guilt, blame, stress and anxiety is debilitating and depressing.

I am encouraging everyone to remember!
Today is the first day of the rest of your life.
Now is the only moment in which we can find peace.
This Holy Instant, we can give to Love and to Spirit within to guide us.

The mainland of your life may be full of everyday dilemmas, problems, uncertainties and choices.
Being in Paradise (on Vacation) may seem like the answer to it all.
Give yourself a moment of Paradise with its Beauty and Peace by going within.
Take right now, this moment, to breathe deep and give profound thanks for the Good in your life.

I salute you for loving you.
I celebrate you for loving others.
I honor you for appreciating your creations.
I invite you to take care of what you value and let the rest go.

My schedule is always open for review, so I use my time, energy and resources to serve only Good for all.
My mind is dedicated to positive loving and healing thoughts that serve the Higher Mind.
My words are given freely as a gift to myself and to all those for whom they will be a loving reminder. 
My service to humanity, my human family, is a healing gift to myself and to our world.

I am willing to return to the Mainland, realizing the life I have created and appreciated is just right for me.
I am celebrating my willingness and flexibility to do always and only what sets me free to be my best.
I am loving myself on all levels, so there is no fear, no judgment, no pain or problems.
I am trusting my life is a gentle reminder for me and you of all that is Good, Beautiful and Holy.

You can have this Abundantly Good Life, too!
Loving you, 
Betty Lue