Friday, September 07, 2012

What Works?

Are you willing to do what works?
Are you stuck in what doesn’t work?
Do you want to make changes?
Are you invested in all the failures?

Sometimes we are afraid to look for anything new, because we might fail.
Sometimes we are stuck repeating the same olds stuff because we don’t know any better.
Sometimes we are afraid to change, because we are comfortable with what is familiar.
Sometimes we keep remembering the disappointments of the past and do not think differently.

When we protect and defend ourselves by being unwilling to change our minds, we get stuck.
When we stop being respectful and responsive, we limit the possible outcome.
When we refuse to get creative and imagine there is a better way, we shut down.
When we are determined to be “right” about what doesn’t work, we make sure we are right.

Open-mindedness is key.
When our mind is full of past experiences, there is no room for the new.
When we are defending our position so we won’t get hurt, we are close-minded.
When we breathe, forgive, let go and look forward, we open to limitless good.

Fear of repeating the past is what keeps repeating what we fear.
Judging, criticizing and complaining about what doesn’t work will continue to repeat failure.
Forgiving the past and learning from everything that comes our way opens us to creating.
Being willing and able to take full responsibility without guilt or blame is revealing.

Life works for us, unless we get in the way.
Life shows us what works, when we pay attention.
Life gives us alternatives when we are willing.
Life is our mirror to show what we can change.

When blocked, upset or interrupted, ask “What can I do?”
When conflicted, uncertain and afraid, ask “How can I get clear?”
When confused by the outcome and results, ask “What do I really want?”
When you want to do what works, affirm “I choose ______ or something better for the Good of All.”

To manifest 100%, you must be 100% clear, confident and committed.
To experience more good in your life, you must be 100%, clear, confident and committed to Good.
To see what works requires recognizing what is not working without judging it “bad”.
To choose again for what works requires that we learn from everything with curiosity and gratitude.

In relationships, at work, in our family life, we need to know that everyone has ideas and input.
Changing the tone, works values and outcomes requires persistence, because others may not want change.
Be respectful and gentle in your desired changes, allowing others to learn to receive and accept.
When we consider the culture which we are impacting, we consider others’ needs and ideas.

Together there is nothing we cannot choose to change for the Greater Good.
When we are in disagreement, one person can influence the others with a positive attitude.
One individual can be inspired, wise and confident enough to influence others.
Every one wants  life to work and most are unwilling to do anything other than what is familiar.

Take your time.
Commit to everyday in everyway do always and only what works for you and others.
Be willing to fine tune your skills in vision, expression and manifestation.
You can make a difference one moment at a time.

Blessings to us all in doing what works!
Betty Lue