Monday, September 03, 2012

What Do You Work for?

Do you honor the work you do?
Is there a reason for your work?
Do you work hard or avoid work?
Do you do your best or do the least you can?

Is it possible that work is not your thing?
Do you prefer someone else to do the work?
Do you resent having to do the work?
Do you wish others would appreciate the work you do?

Are you lazy?
Do you procrastinate?
Are you giving your best?
Do you hate having to work?

If you have no reason for working, you may not care.
If you find no meaning in your work, you may dishonor it.
If you are working because “you have to work”, you may resent it.
If you wish you could be doing something else, you may feel frustrated.

The work we do in life is for a purpose.
We get to choose the purpose for which we do anything and everything.
When we make our purpose some need we have, we give our life meaning.
Consider what the reason is for you to “work”.
(I refer work as anything you do for any reason.)

What are you working for?
Working forYourself or your family?
Working  for community or humanity?
Working for Survival, safety and security?
Working for socialization, achievement or self actualization?
What are you working for?

Life is work.
Anything worthwhile is worth working for.” 
When you find meaning in your work, you can appreciate it.
When you appreciate what you do, you enjoy it.

We learn our attitudes toward working from our family and school influences.
When we see parents, teachers and role models enjoy what they do, we learn to value work too!
When we are rewarded with smiles, hugs, “thanks”, we feel our work is valued.
When we are punished by having to do work or being shown work is to be avoided, we do too?

Consider working for what we value.
Work for money and reward ourselves with money.
Work for our family and reward ourselves with family.
Work for Love and reward ourselves with loving appreciation.

I value the opportunity to love and grow in love.
I value the opportunity to have confidence and grow in trust and faith.
I value the opportunity to awaken and inspire.
I value the opportunity to create what is good and beneficial and happy.

And so it is I write these reminders, I counsel and coach, I teach and learn, I enjoy time with my grandchildren and I live and love each one I encounter.
I fully enjoy and am inspired by my life.

You are my inspiration.
Betty Lue

You are  my spiritual partners as we conspire to co-create a better world.
My heart smiles and my spirit rejoices.  
Your gifts of love and appreciation inspire me and feed my soul.  
Celebrate the gifts we share and grow in abundance and beauty.  
Offering all I am given in Love,  supports, strengthens and affirms this Love. 

I love you, as you live the life you consciously desire. 
I am supported and sustained by your kindness and generosity.  
May you  honor your Holy Self as you walk in Goodness, Beauty and Love.

Loving You,  
Betty Lue