Sunday, September 09, 2012

What Do You See?

What you believe is what you will see.
Everything we perceive or misperceive is originated in our beliefs.
Happy people seek and perceive happiness.
Unhappy people seek and perceive unhappiness.

It is far easier to change your mind than to change your world.
When you change your thinking, you change your perceptions.
When you change your attitude, you change your projections.
And so it is we create the experiences we have every moment.

What do you want to see?
Seek out and enjoy what you want to see.
Strengthen what you want to be by being grateful.
What we appreciate, we increase and encourage.

Everything is benefitted, blessed and increased by our energy and beliefs/
We can influence the food we eat, the relationships we have, our health and finances.
We can encourage Goodness and abundance or encourage difficulties and lack.
We can literally create the world we see with out chosen focus and attention.

Do you look at your life to find what is wrong or what is right?
Do you see things to complain about or be grateful for?
Do you look at your body to appreciate and enjoy or judge and feel bad?
Do you spend time talking about the good in your life or converse about what is wrong?

Our relationships with children, partners, family and friends are an obvious example of our influence.
When we actively seek qualities which we enjoy and obviously express gratitude, those qualities flourish.
When we are judging, criticizing, accusing, blaming and offending others, they become more offensive.
When we want our relationships to improve, our work is not to fix them, but to change our minds.

Changing our minds means changing our thoughts and attitude from negative to positive.
Changing our minds means changing our words from complaints to appreciation.
Changing our minds means changing our expression from frowns to smiles.
Changing our minds means changing our behavior from separation to interaction.

Once we realize we can be the change we want to see, we can take responsibility. 
When we know we can change our minds, we can experiment with the tools we use.
When we understand we can bring peace, with our own inner peace, we can choose.
When we practice changing our minds with forgiveness and affirmation, life is fun, safe and easy.

Clearing the mind with forgiveness, quieting the mind with meditation and choosing the thoughts we hold, begins the process of aligning always and only with Goodness, wholeness and Love for our world.
Let us take responsibility for our thoughts and beliefs, our words and gratitude, our behavior and gifts.

We really can experience heaven here and now.
Betty Lue

Here is a process that works beautifully to see what needs our attention!

Write a page or more of:
The real reason I am upset (concerned, fearful, confused, hurting, etc) is:
Continue writing responses until you are empty inside, until there are not more.

Read them slowly back to yourself, crossing off whatever you know is not true.
Whatever responses are left are calling for clearing, healing, forgiving and undoing.

Look for common beliefs that infuse them all.
Ie. I am not enough.  Life is hard.  I am not capable or loveable.
Rewrite the script with a new affirmation of the Highest Truth.
I am overflowing with Goodness. 
Life is fun, safe and Easy. 
I am loveable and capable.

Write the new affirmation 20 times daily for 14 days or more, until there are no opposing thoughts.
If you have trouble finding the resisting belief or writing affirmations, email me and I will help.

You know you are clear when you no longer, judge, resent, blame, fear or get upset.
You know when you have healed the obstacle to peace, because you are at peace.
You know when you can easily take responsibility, forgive yourself and choose again.
This is the beginning of the end of emotional reactivity and the beginning of loving response ability.

Life is good and all is well.
Loving you,  
Betty Lue