Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This Is Our Time

Now is our time to free ourselves from our past and be true to our True Nature.
Many are shaped by their history, but few pioneer a new morality and new vision for themselves.  
This is our time.

Most people and paths are shaped by the past, either conforming or resisting.
Most people are proving their parents and family cultural, their religion and nationality right.
Many people are busy exclaiming and blaming the wrongs done to them and to others.
But few are healing the wounds, forgiving the past and envisioning the future they seek to be.

This is our choice and our challenge.
The past is long gone.
The mistaken are not here.
The work is to heal and reveal new vision we choose to create.

Whenever we tell stories about what used to be, we are revisiting and recreating its being.
When we continue to blame, the guilt we create divides us and re-wounds what was healing.
When we keep visioning what is but an unwelcome memory, we attack our wholeness and hope.
When we rekindle the feelings revealing what is but a faint scar, we set ourselves up for failure.

Yes, this is our time.
And we are the pioneers seeking to undo what never was true, but passed on generation to generation.
Yes, this is our time to quench all the fires, acknowledge our inspiring desires, to build again what is Good.
We are the ones to tell a new story and sing a new song, to reclaim our true vision where all can belong.

Be willing to declare victory over the past.
Be willing to demonstrate that only Love will last.
Be willing to include everything in this cleansing fire.
Be willing to end what was now and for always to begin again.

What am I saying to you?
Stop with the excuses.
Step forward in faith.
Stop making anyone wrong.
Grant everyone Grace.
Stop with sad songs.
Sing out loud and clear.
We can claim Love for everyone here.
There is no “poor me”.
Set everyone free.
Be responsible.
You are capable.
You will create with your mind.
Follow your heart song.
Make no one wrong.
Give everyone space.
Unlearn the lessons of the past.
Create a new vision and the True You.

Trusting and Freeing you and all to have the life we really want.
Betty Lue

Assertive People Do:
1. Decide what they want.
2. Decide if it is fair.
3. Ask for it clearly.
4. Are not afraid of taking risks.
5. Are calm and relaxed.
6. Express feelings openly.
7. Give and take compliments easily.
8. Accept and give fair evaluation.

Assertive People Do not:
1. Beat about the bush.
2. Go behind other people's backs.
3. Bully.
4. Call people names.
5. Bottle up their feelings.

Aids For Developing Assertiveness:
1. Models
2. Love and encouragement
3. Caring evaluation
4. A sense of values
5. A basic feeling of security

Comparing Responses
There are two primitive, adaptive, instinctive responses when encountering a problem area:  1)  a desire for flight or 2)  a desire to fight. We mostly experience these responses as fear or anger.  Both responses are basically "back-brain" or reactive in nature.  Assertiveness brings the "fore-brain" into play, bringing objectivity and "rationality".

The more I respect myself, the more I respect others.
The more I respect myself, the more others respect me.
The more I respect myself, the more others respect themselves.
Therefore, I choose to respect myself more.