Sunday, September 30, 2012

REUNION = Connections

Reunion was created in 1976  mostly by  students in my community college Positive Parenting class, committed to  learning  better ways of living and loving.  Together we learned how to relate and communicate better, how to heal  past mistakes, how to create a better future, how to connect with our own source of inspiration, how to live on purpose and build good neighborhood and live in a world that would be safe, fun and easy for all people.  Reunion works because we are all teachers and students, reminders for one another. Betty Lue

Reunion facilitates connecting and reuniting with ourselves, with others and with our Source.
It matters not how or when we connect, because one day we shall see we are all One. 
It matters not how you define your special connections with others or with your Source.
It matters only that you remember you are not alone, for we really are all One. (alone= all one)

There are many ways to connect with our minds.
***With meditation in with silence, mantras and chanting.
***With prayer spoken or simply thoughts flowing thru heart and mind.
***With music and movement allowing the flow to extend to all in Love.

There are many ways to connect with our emotions.
***With sympathy and feeling others pain and grief.
***With empathy feelings what we believe others may feel.
***With love and assurance, holding absolute trust in All Good in them and for them.

There are many ways to connect with our bodies.
*** With gentle respectful touch and healing hands. 
***With hugs and kisses, and sweet stroking of the face and hair.
*** With making love and sharing physical pleasure.

There are many ways to connect with inspiration.
***Sharing Inspiring stories, both written and spoken.
***With art and music shared with one or many,
***With shared inspiring programs and adventures.

There are many ways to connect with Service.
 ***Meals prepared and shared with gratitude.
***Kindnesses given for the joy of giving.
***Errands, gifts and time shared simply to be together.

There are many ways to connect with reminders of connection.
***Thank you notes and phone calls written and received.
*** Special celebrations of holidays, personal holidays and events. 
***Invitations to movies or for dinner or events.

How many ways do you remember to connect with your loved ones?
How many ways do you connect with your Source of inspiration?
How many ways do you remember to connect with yourself?
Are you willing to open to more connection and more Reunion?

Reunion Ministries is connected with you always.
Through Daily and weekly Loving Reminders, written and emailed by me daily.
Through occasional Relationship and Parenting reminders written and emailed to those on my lists.
Through my books, Relationship Reminders (available on and more later this year.
Through our Sunday talks available on line at or CD by request.
Through our classes and workshops recorded weekly, available on line and CD by request.
Through emailed requests for phone coaching and counseling by appointment. 800-919-2392
Through appointments at three centers in Pleasant Hill, Brentwood and Hidden Valley Lake, California.
Through both individual, couple and family retreats at the Hermitage in Hidden Valley Lake.
Through group retreats in Kailia-Kona, Hawaii and at the Lake House in Hidden Valley Lake.
Through our 42 Reunion ordained ministers and their inspired service in all they think, say and do.
Through our Reunion email prayer circle and those it reaches with positive prayer.
Through everything you are and do with your Inspired loving connections.
Through all our healing and inspiring creations and connections around the world and beyond.
Through our life of inspired Service and Loving Reminders wherever we go and whatever we do.

We are united in Love with you,
Betty Lue