Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Paths We Travel in Life

Just like grades in school, we learn from each path we travel in life.
Our path gives us focus.
With each path, we learn and practice different tools and techniques to master.
The paths are diverse and many, often unique to the individual.

Using Maslow’s hierarchy of needs we can say we all follow some basic paths.
Path of Survival is basic to mastering the food and shelter needs.
Path of Safety is mastering the fear of being hurt by others or the environment.
Path of Security is mastering our need to belong and feel secure in our family or group.
Path of Socialization is mastering the skills of being with people in harmony and friendship.
Path of Achievement is mastering the ability to practice and achieve what we desire.
Path of Actualization is mastering living our life to the fullest by living our potential.

There are many paths which we uncover as we recognize at our life challenges and development.
Path of Forgiveness is mastering the ability to undo whatever is not wholly true and loving.
Path of Healing is mastering the ability to come to peace and return to our natural state of Wholeness.
Path of Enlightenment is mastering the awareness and expansion of our inner Light and Wisdom.
Path of Service is mastering the art of serving the greater Good following our heart and inner guidance.
Path of Leadership is mastering the way of serving others by guiding them to their good.
Path of Inspiration is mastering both giving and receiving inspired wisdom and creations.
Path of Protection is mastering the courage to protect people ,  communities, our nation and the world.
Path of Recovery is mastering overcoming of addiction, disease, and despair with faith in Higher Power.

You can look upon your life as a learning opportunity to master whatever is before you.
When we see how life works for us, we stop having regret or resentment, fear or self pity. 
Everything can be used for good.
Everything is an experience we have asked for (unconsciously and spiritually) to learn, heal and master.
We can accept, forgive, come to peace, create a better way and practice the mastery of each area.

While we may feel sorry for others, consider they may be having the experience they need.
While we may want to advice or rescue, we may be interfering with their practice and mastery.
While we may judge, criticize, blame and punish others, they may be learning from their experiences.
While we may not understand or accept our path or theirs, we can rest assured that all things are  for our own best interests.

Let’s consider not judging any path and just pay attention to our own Path.
Let’s consider healing our fears and resistance and accepting the intrinsic Good.
Let’s trust that with our open-mindedness, willingness and defenselessness, we can learn quickly.
Let’s stop interfering with another’s learning and focus on all paths with gratitude and respect.

What is your path?
What is your area of focus for mastery?
Relationships, Creativity, Manifestation, Family, Achievement, Fame 
What are you mastering in this life?

Yes, there are many paths and they all lead home to the One.
Our Goal is the Peace of God. (Being the Piece of God We Are).
Our Purpose is True Happiness. (Experiencing Abundant Joy)
Our Function is Forgiveness. (Undoing all that is not Loving and True.)

Life is challenging, so we will strengthen our devotion and intention to follow our Path.
Loving you and me in being willing to do what it takes.
Betty Lue