Sunday, September 23, 2012

Learning the Lessons of Life

Autumn =Harvest and Letting Go

When we harvest with gratitude and let go with grace, we are content.
When we harvest with complaint and let go with grief, we are malcontent.
This is our choice!
Do we see freedom, abundance and Blessing or do we see the limitation, lack and loss?

The lessons of life appear to be in our hands and of our own choice.
We can see life as being critical, dangerous and difficult or as fun safe and easy.
We are choosing according to our imprinting by family and history until we choose again.
When we allow the past to decide our future, we are doomed to repeat what we may not want.

What we sow, we are reaping.
When we neglect, we diminish.
What we appreciate, we increase.
What we deny, we bury.

What we want to grow in ourselves, we need to plant, nourish and nurture daily.
What we want to grow in our relationships, we need to identify, appreciate and enjoy.
What we want to grow in our families, we need to declare and care for with awareness and validation.
What we want to grow in our world requires that we live it and share it with everyone all the time.

Too often life is taken without appreciation. 
Too often we sit by and watch with judgment.
Too often we think life comes accidentally.
Too often we become victims, denying our part.

When we are infants, we wait for life to feed us.
When we are toddlers, we seek only to get life to meet our needs.
When we are of school age, we go along to belong.
When we are adolescents, we find what works and follow the rules to succeed.
When we are adults, we seek principles to live by that are fair and caring for others.
When we are spiritually mature, we live responsibly, benefitting others.
As we learn, grow and free ourselves from the imprinting of our family and society, we mature.
As we mature, we forgive the past history, false beliefs, inappropriate behaviors.
As we harvest what we sow with our blame and guilt, we learn by taking full responsibility.
As we let go with grace, blessing what no longer serves us, we are filled with the wisdom of gratitude.

Life is a learning university, a laboratory of exploration and discovery.
We are the scientists here to research and learn.
We are the ones who set the goals, the process by which we learn and the results we seek to validate..
We are the active learners who participate as victims or pioneers, nay-sayers or appreciators.

 Learning is fun, safe and easy when we learn to let go with ease and harvest with gratitude.
Loving and Learning and Letting Go,  
Betty Lue