Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Integrity is keeping your word.
Integrity is following your heart.
Integrity is being true to You.
Integrity is honoring your authentic Self.
Integrity is aligning with your values.
Integrity is living a principle-centered life.
Integrity is being centered, balanced and grounded life.
Integrity is knowing and living the Truth you know.

Integrity is the key to happiness, health, harmony and living in love.
When you are living in integrity with your true values, you are content.
When you are choosing what is in integrity with your beliefs, you feel good.
When you are honoring what really matters to you, you will be at peace and in Love.

Integrity provides only strength, courage and faith.
When you are living in integrity you are not vulnerable to emotional highs and lows.
When you are trusting, respecting and honoring yourself, you are invulnerable.
When you are loving yourself everyday in everyway, you feel whole, happy and free.

Integrity is learned through trial and error.
When you are don’t keep your agreements with Self and others, you feel guilty.
When you follow someone else and compromise your values, you may feel dishonorable and guilty.
When you seek outside approval and don’t listen to your heart, you lose confidence with yourself.

Integrity erases our fears and upsets, self consciousness and hesitation.
When we are living our life with our values and following our heart, we are strong, capable and happy.
When we are listening within no one and nothing can dissuade us from living our dreams.
When we are trusting, respecting and supporting our selves we are powerful and capable of success.

Integrity is being honorable and honest in all relationships at all times.
When we are honest with ourselves and others, we have no secrets, no withholds and do no harm.
When we are honorable in all our relationships, we respect everyone’s right to live true to their values.
When we are wholly in alignment with what is ours to do and be and have and live, we encourage others.

Integrity is Freedom.
When we live true to our values and calling, we feel free to explore, discover, create and enjoy.
When we are centered and balanced, no one and nothing can harm us.
When we are living the Truth we know from within, we are free to be Who We Are.

Fear comes from the vulnerability of being out of integrity.
Weakness and insecurity come from not living, doing and speaking your Truth.
Depression and unhappiness result from forsaking your self to live for another.
Low Self esteem and confusion come from denying yourself and not listening within.
Anger and resentment come from feeling guilty about not honoring our inner Truth.
Conflict and confusing come from listening to other’s opinions and truths rather than your own.

Let us live true to ourselves.
Know thyself. 
Be true to yourself.
Heal your Self.
And so it is, an inside job!
Betty Lue.