Monday, September 10, 2012


Yes, this One is for YOU!

Live it and all will know.
Share it and it will grow.
Give it and life will flow.
All the Good in You.

When we release the bad, there is only Good.
When we undo the false, there is only Truth.
When we erase the ugliness, Beauty is all we see.
When we wash away the tears, Happiness will always be.

Clinging to what was, gives it life.
Judging what causes strife, continues it to be.
Our holy healing is to undo, erase, let go, forgive, release all that is not wholly healing.
Perhaps to fun, safe and easy for you to believe…we need to forgive ourselves, erase and undo?

Do you know what keeps you sick and slow, limited and lacking, separate and alone?
Listen and learn.
Take time to listen and write.
It is not enough to just listen to the old tapes of inquiry and repetition of the same old stuff.

Spend quiet time…..
Never asking “Why?” which conjures up even more “Why’s?
It is time to ask “How?”
“How can I Live and Be, Believe and See, what brings me Joy and Inner Peace?”

The question begets the answer.
When you ask for what you really want, you get the answer, the direction, the focus.
When you want to know how, you are open and willing to learn.
When you ask what is in the way, you recognize what needs to be removed and undone.
When you ask when, you hear nothing stands in your way for miracles NOW.

Are you to be totally honest with yourself!

What do you want…really?
Are you afraid to know?
How can you have what you want?
Are you open to moving, changing, risking and stepping into the unknown?
What is sabotaging or standing in your way of living your truth?
Are you willing to let it go and live your ideal, your dreams, and be happy?

Is it possible that we get in our own way?
Is it possible that we sabotage or camouflage our own best interests?
Is it possible that we are too scared to trust again for the good life we want?
Is it possible that we are afraid to be free, because we are immature in our ideals?

Bodies show with disease and pain where we are in conflict within.
Bank accounts show where we are no longer receiving what is Good for us.
Relationships show where we have separated from ourselves and do not trust.
Dependencies and addictions show where we are needy, because we do not love ourselves.

Life is a metaphor where we can reveal and heal.
When we constantly cover up the shortfall and problems, we neglect the healing opportunity.
When we place blame and responsibility on someone or something else, we deny our own salvation.
When we start asking what we can do, we begin reclaiming our power and dignity, freedom and trust. 

There is no quick fix to stop all blaming, delays, distraction and detours.
Everyday we are choosing the truth with which we align.
Each one of us must reclaim our own Authentic Self and our Sovereignty.
When we are aware, acknowledge, forgive and listen within, we can affirm, accept and appreciate.

This is the origin and the outcome of healing…. the return to SELF.
Loving us all as one, 
Betty Lue