Thursday, September 20, 2012

Have You Grown Up Yet?

Are you a mature adult?
Are you willing to be responsible?
Do you care about others as much as yourself?
Are you dependable and accountable and honest?

Are you rebelling or excelling?
Do you give your best and forgive the rest?
Do you stop what is not good for you?
Do you contribute rather than expect or take?

Many people who say they are mature adults think and do and say immature things.
Many people who are 21 are still dependent on their parents.
Many people who are of voting age, don’t vote and don’t care how their government works.
Many people who are of drinking age, drink and drive, endangering lives.

Many people who have cars, guns and drugs are careless with their use. 
Many people who have made marriage agreements disrespect their spouse.
Many people who have jobs and bank accounts don’t pay their bills on time.
Many people who earn money do not pay taxes and don’t care.

Maturity is obeying the law.
Maturity is honoring your agreements.
Maturity is being dependable and accountable.
Maturity is being totally responsible for your words and deeds.

When we are mature, we take care of our families, parents and children.
When we are mature, we take care of our homes, cars and possessions.
When we are mature, we care for our health, our communities and civic duties.
When we are mature, we are respectful, kind and contribute to the welfare of others.

Why stay dependent?
Why be irresponsible?
Why stay an adolescent?
Why not be capable and responsible?

If we elders demonstrate that it is serious, scary and difficult, it doesn’t seem worthwhile.
If we adults use threats, punishment, nagging and name-calling, it induces guilt.
If we grownups can’t have fun and complain about life, we encourage staying young.
We need to demonstrate the joys and fulfillment of being mature, to encourage our youth to mature.

Consider giving children as much responsibility as they can handle successfully and a little more.
Consider giving privileges when they are earned and removing them when they are misused.
Consider treating the responsible youth with appreciation and respect.
Consider teaching all children the benefits of being adult rather than to downfalls and dangers.

It may be time for us to again celebrate rites of passage, rather than take it for granted.
It may be time to stop assuming everyone matures at the same ages and stages.
It may be time to teach what responsible behavior is rather than dwell on what is irresponsible.
It may be time to reconsider how much we give and expect from our children and young adults.

Let us begin with ourselves.
Are you as responsible and mature as you want for your children and your friends and neighbors?

Blessings us all in growing up,
Betty Lue