Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happiness Is a Choice

You can choose to be happy.
Perhaps the simplest way to find happiness is to be grateful.
When we are giving thanks, we feel blessed.
When we feel blessed, we feel good.

Are you happy with your life?
Are you grateful for your life?
Are you happy with your Self?
Do you appreciate Who You Are?

It takes so little to change your thoughts and words.
You must be aware that you can choose what thoughts to think.
You must observe how your thoughts generate your emotions.
You must take responsibility for choosing your thoughts and words.

When you think positive and affirming thoughts, you are content.
When you think negative and demeaning thoughts, you are unhappy.
When you belittle what you do and who you are, you feel bad.
When you feel bad you tend to think more about what is wrong.

To change your focus of attention is a choice.
You can see what is missing or see what is present.
You can focus on what you don’t have or appreciate what you do have.
You can see what you have done or look for all you have left to do.

It is a habit of mind, a learned response, to think and speak in the way you do.
You can change your habits of mind.
You can choose where you place your attention.
You can unlearn what is not good for you and choose a better way.

Life is good and getting better.
Or life is bad and getting worse.
Life is a gift and a blessing.
Or life is a mess and a curse.

What you think and say becomes a belief.
What you believe you will see and create.
What you see and create is your responsibility.
What you appreciate increases and what you condemn you create again.

When we want life to get better, we need to appreciate the life we have.
When we want life to stay the same, we need to take it for granted.
When we want life to get worse, we need to complain and condemn.
When we want to change our life, we simply need tp change our thoughts and words.

Happiness is the choice that changes our world always for the better.
Thanks for being Happy!
Betty Lue