Thursday, September 06, 2012

Forgiveness Is……..

Forgiveness is the most powerful tool in creating life the way we want it to be.
Forgiveness is choosing to have a brand new day.
Forgiveness is forgetting the mistakes of yesterday.
Forgiveness is always remembering to love no matter what.
Forgiveness is seeing the call for love in unloving words and behavior.
Forgiveness is knowing you can change the channel.
Forgiveness is being the One who is willing and able to choose again.
Forgiveness is giving your best to everyone equally.
Forgiveness is letting go of everything that is not wholly true and loving.
Forgiveness is not allowing others to hurt you.
Forgiveness is seeing all lack of love as a call for love.
Forgiveness is extending peace to all others.
Forgiveness is seeing the intrinsic good in everyone.
Forgiveness is taking nothing personally.
Forgiveness is recognizing you are the Gift to be given.

When you truly practice forgiveness, you cease all judgment.
Your forgiveness brings peace to every mind.
Your willingness to undo what seems to be true release repeating error of misperception.
Your remembrance of the true nature of Love allow others to remember Love in themselves.

When we are living in gratitude, we see our lives as an opportunity to erase the meaninglessness.
When we seek to bring forth the Love We Are, we step away from condemning ourselves and others.
When  we understand that our happiness is paramount in our living here, we stop creating unhappiness.
When we realize our function is to undo all that is not loving, healthy and true, we forgive it all.

As we erase the world we see with forgiveness in our minds, we begin to see the true creation.
As we undo the false and limiting beliefs created by fear, we reveal the true creation of Love.
As we step away from repeating the same errors in thought, word and deed, we choose again for Good.
As we use our intention to create all Good and only Good, we see everything works together for Good.

Forgiveness is a mental eraser filled with love.
When we forgive, we relinquish all attack,
Where there is no attack, there is no guilt or blame.
When there is not guilty or blame, we are free to choose again on that which is Love.

When we love, we no longer do harm.
When we do no harm, we have no fear.
When we have no fear, we are at peace.
When we are at peace, we are content.

And so it is that forgiveness works to heal all things.
And so it is that forgiveness returns everything to peace and order.
And so it is that forgiveness opens our relationships to be renewed in love.
And so it is that forgiveness can heal all things because we see everything differently.

Forgiving us all for all time,
Betty Lue

Forgiveness is the Key to Happiness and Inner Peace

Every morning and every night, say this prayer:

I forgive everything and everyone, every experience 
and every memory of the past and present that needs forgiveness.
I forgive positively everyone.

God is Love.
I am forgiven and governed by God’s Love alone.
God’s Love is now harmonizing my life and its problems.
Realizing this, I abide in peace.

I am now forgiven by everything and everyone of the past and present that needs to forgive me.
I know that forgiveness unblocks whatever stands between me and my good.

I am grateful for the power of God’s Word.