Monday, September 24, 2012

Everything Is On Purpose

(Or getting us back on purpose!)

Nothing is an accident.  Everything is an on purpose.” RW
If we began to acknowledge everything as a gift, we would see all things differently.
If we recognized we are here to be and do and have love, we would seek love in all things.
If we realized that everything that is not love is really a call for love, we would respond with Love.
If we were willing to look for the light beneath the dark, we would become enlightened.

And so it is, we come to the understanding, we are here to erase all fear and undo all blocks to Love.
We begin by providing light, where all things seem dark and offering love when all seems to be fearful.
We are the ones to step away from the faulty thinking and offer our blessings of inspiration and healing.
We willingly and freely give Love and have faith, when others seem to falter in their fear and pain.

Life provides opportunities to question and doubt.
Life may offer the option of forgetting our reason for being.
Life may bring experiences for us to heal and reveal the need for healing.
Life brings encounters which we can heal as we forgive our own misunderstanding.

We, you and I, are the ones to step up onto higher ground.
We can, individually and collectively, forgive all things.
We can in all encounters provide the wisdom, courage and peace to show a better way.
We can be those who remember our real purpose is to remove all barriers to Love (Trust and Freedom).

When things are difficult, sad, painful, scary, regretful, upsetting and unkind, we can bring forth healing.
When life seems unfair, chaotic, confusing, disastrous, dangerous, duplicitous, we can bring forth faith.
When all seems lost in drama, disease, death, disaster, devastation, we can offer hope.
When the world seems to be spinning out of control and doomed, we can give Love.

What would it take for you to forsake the fearful world and step up into hope, faith and charity?
What would it take for you to forgive the lack of love you see and step into a Spiritual Reality?
What would it take for you to undo all that is not wholly true and love and simply believe what can be?
Is it possible that we, your world, is waiting for you, just One, who will remember Love, simply Love?

Everything works together for Good to awaken us to the Good that already exists.
Everything is a gift and a blessing, because it offers the opportunity to love and trust no matter what.
All things bless us with the outpicturing of what lies within us to be revealed and healed and/or blessed.
When we can see all things with forgiveness, we begin to see what is the reality of Love.

Forgive and choose again.
Erase and create anew.
Undo and affirm what is true.
Let go and begin again for Goodness sake.

The good we seek is not far away, when we easily say goodbye to yesterday.
Choose today to have Good, do Good and be the Good we seek.
When all we think and say and feel and do is the Good we want, there will be nothing else.
Yes, pushing and punishing, guilting and blaming, do not heal or make whole.

Only forgiveness, an eraser filled with Love, works on the whiteboard of life.
Loving you,  
Betty Lue