Sunday, September 16, 2012

Don’t Quit On Your Dreams!

Have you compromised your values?
Have you quit on living your dreams?
Have you stopped wishing for what you long for?
Have you stepped away from being your true Self?

When we compromise in order to fit, we diminish ourselves.
When we neglect our own needs to serve others, we being to die.
When we break our own heart by saving others, we live in grief.
When we stop being true to what is ours to do, we take away from the Greater Good.

Sacrifice means to make sacred.
When we live an inspired and sacred life, we give up nothing and gain everything.
When we give ourselves the “best”, we set others free to give and be and do their best.
When we learn to think, speak and act by our own values and inner call, we inspire others.

Live like there is no tomorrow.
Give like you know who you are.
Enjoy every moment like an innocent child.
Express the song of joy in your heart.

Our culture may seem to encourage wasting and wanting.
Our world may tempt us to drown our self neglect in addiction.
Our family may teach us to look good and win at all costs.
Our providers may show how to ignore our problems and pain.

When we get real, we know how we feel.
When we express what we feel, we can find the separation from Self.
When we realize how we are betraying and unfaithful to ourselves, we can choose again.
When we choose again, we can reclaim our innocent, self respecting honor for Self.

Let us stop ignoring the obvious.
Let us stop masking the pain.
Let us stop making excuses.
Our Authenticity and Dignity we reclaim.

Listen and write down, what principles you live by.
Be clear with yourself about what needs to be  undone.
Stop waiting to complete the unfinished projects. 
Keep your promises with yourself and everyone.

Take some time to remember your hopes and dreams.
Be aware of the life purpose you hold for yourself.
Give direction to each day by remembering your ideals.
Live with gratitude and enjoyment to be happy and free.

Loving you, 
Betty Lue