Monday, August 06, 2012

When and What to Let Go?

Do you know when to let go?
Is it time to move on?
Are you in the flow?
Are you waiting for something or someone?

When we are needy, we are dependent on what is temporal, temporary and transitory.
When we are dependent on someone else to choose or decide, we are open to their changeability.
When we are free of others” opinions, plans and preferences, we can listen within to what is best.
When we trust our inner knowing and flowing, we realize, we know what is best for all.

Waiting on the world may take lifetimes and eons and forever.
Waiting on our inner guidance may take one moment of willingness right now.
Waiting for human emotions, preference, planning and preparation may never happen.
Waiting for no man and listening for God and for the Highest Good is our saving grace.

If you love you, you want to be happy.
If you want to be happy, you choose easily what Loves you and inspires you.
When you choose what inspires you, you choose people and places and experiences that help you grow.
When you choose what is best for you, you recognize you inspire others and lead the show.

Life offers choice.
We have before us opportunities to suffer and linger in pain, regret, guilt and blame.
We also can choose forgiveness, freedom, peace and understanding just the same.
All it takes is for us to let go and move on.

We can take off a bandaid of dependency slowly over time and have lingering pain.
Or we can choose to remove all stuckness with a single stroke of willingness and the fear is gone.
We choose to linger in uncertainty, grief, guilt and shame or we can choose to go for it.
Let us claim our birthright, the freedom to begin our lives anew and really live in trust again.

If you are busy serving what was to try to get it back, you are living in the past.
If you are trusting your can regain the losses by wishful thinking, you are deluding yourself.
If you believe you must suffer and do penance for your former errors, you will have what you believe.
If you can forgive and learn to love you again, you will be relieved to release that which no longer is.

Time to let go?
Just do it and see.
Life will be fun, safe and easy.
Try it and you will agree.

Loving you and me as One,
Betty Lue