Monday, August 27, 2012

We All Have Work To Do!

Yes, each one of us has our own issues, wounds, false beliefs to forgive, clear, heal and bring to peace.
We each have our holy healing assignments.
We have people in our lives to help, teach, serve, mentor, support and learn from.
We have situations to forgive and come to peace so that we might release with blessing.

Our children out-picture and act out the unexpressed and unhealed stuff of their parents (and ancestors.)
When we blame anyone for what they have not healed and undone, we help them stay stuck in that stuff.
When we feel guilty about what we have not forgiven and healed, we get stuck in our own stuff.
When we are willing to be response-able and respond with loving kindness to all stuff, we heal.

When we are healed, we are not healed alone.
When anyone forgives, everyone is encouraged to forgive.
When anyone does their own work, everyone is inspired to do theirs as well.
When we learn to respond to everyone with loving kindness, everyone is blessed.

It takes willingness on our part to say yes to everyone and everything that comes our way and be willing.
When we understand we are alone in nothing, we can feel blessed by the work we are called to do.
When we stop identifying the child, partner  or parents as the “problem”, we see the work is yet to be done.
When we look for what we are here to undo, erase, heal and bring to peace, we do the work for all.

It takes courage to be able to respond with Love.  
It requires that we look into ourselves for how we hold resentment, judgment and fear against others.
It can be frightening to see how our blame has condemned ourselves and others to shame and victimization.
It is exhilarating to realize that our freedom from the past lies in forgiving ourselves and others.

When we get that seeing others as flawed or imperfect or inadequate, keep them hostage, we can change. 
When we release the bondage of our verdict, (the truth we have believed), everyone is set free.
When we stop condemning our past for the choices we make today, we make responsible choices.
When we give our lives to creating what is good and whole and loving, we are blessed with goodness.

Life turns around as we change our thinking.
Love becomes the creative force which opens the way to infinite possibilities. 
We recognize we can do our work and change our world.
We experience the power for forgiveness and love and rely on it daily.

Let us ask ourselves: “What can I do?,” whenever we see a problem, issues or mistake.
Let us be willing to do whatever it takes to step up to the challenge and create what is Good for all.
Let us unlearn the blame game and choose again for the freedom and trust of Love.
Let us cherish every relationship for the opportunities it brings to love again and again.

Loving us all as we learn together to heal and live in the wholeness that is Real.
Betty Lue