Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Is Life Working for You?

Off to Indiana and Michigan this morning at 5AM to visit old friends and family.
We have wonderful workshops, consultations and opportunities for reunion.
Everything is a gift of Love.  

Is Life Working for You?

If Yes, celebrate, appreciate and enjoy it all!

If not, stop what you are doing.
Be open and willing to learn.
Take responsibility for it all.
Forgive all mistakes, yours and others.
Ask yourself respectful questions.

·     What can I learn from this?
·     What will I do differently?
·     How has this inspired me?
·     How can I learn a better way?
·     Who knows how to live the way I want to live?
·     What do I need to clear, choose, change to improve my attitude and my life?
·     How am I off purpose?
·     Where am I stuck in judging myself and others?
·     Where am I negative or doubtful or questioning?
·     How can I be more positive, confident and trusting?

Stop and look for what you want.
Stop and choose to do what works.
Stop judging and learn what will work.
Stop complaining, doubting and making excuses.
Stop yourself from making yourself wrong.

Start finding people who will encourage help and support.
Start making choices to be wiser and more honest with yourself.
Start believing you can have a life that works.
Start trusting and respecting what you know will work for you.

Live everyday in a way that works with the use of forgiveness and affirmation.
I forgive myself for limiting myself.
I forgive all mistakes, yours, mine and ours.
I trust mistakes are an opportunity to find something that works better.
Everyday in every way I am getting better and better.
I know what I want and I go for it.
I love life and life loves me.
The more quickly I let go and learn, the more easily I enjoy the life I have.

Blessings to us all for being willing to let our lives teach us what works for us.
Loving us all,
Betty Lue