Sunday, August 26, 2012

Everything Works Together for Good!

My Relationship Reminders book has been reprinted and is available.
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Three more books will be available later this year.
Healing Reminders, Family Reminders and Healthy Reminders

 Everything Works Together for Good!

Do you believe?
Can you imagine that we all are on a course correction to returning to Peace?
Is it possible that we can have everything we want, when we have no doubts?
Are you ready to turn it over to a power that is all loving, all, all knowing and always present? 

Perhaps this whole drama is about remembering.
Perhaps the meaningless world we may see is showing us our meaningless thoughts.
Perhaps we can wake up and realize we are creators of what we want to undo.
Perhaps it is time to forgive and erase and clean up the mess and choose again.

I am ready, willing and able everyday to choose for Good….not just for some but for everyone.
I am willing to forgive any thoughts of doubt, fear judgment and pain.
I am willing to claim my inheritance as the piece of God I Am and you are and Together we are.
I am able to do my part each moment, but releasing my limiting thinking and embracing infinite Love.

Every moment there are opportunities for healing with thoughts, words and interactions.
Every relationship invites gratitude for the gift of communication, co-creation and appreciation.
Every day brings new invitations for hope, faith and love for all we encounter.
Every lifetime is an adventure in healing and learning, receiving and giving, extending peace to all.

When I trust in each encounter, phone call, email and thought of anyone, Love blesses all.
When I free my mind to hold only the highest thoughts, I realize the miracles of Goodness.
When I erase and undo learned doubts and fears, I see the Light and know infinite possibility.
When I bring peace to my mind, all minds are joined in peace and Good Will.

Life offer the opportunity to forget or remember.
Life gives us chances to hurt or to heal.
Life works for our benefit to bless and be blessed.
We are the choosers for remembering only Good.

Yes, it is through our awakening to believe in the Good, that we see only Good.
It is through our willingness to clean our memory of what seems to be bad, to reclaim all the Good.
It’s our vocation to stay awake to the truth and put to rest what is not for the Good of All.
We can be the ones to bring peace to every mind through our attitudinal healing.

Let us step away from repetitive stories of how bad it is.
Let us undo our fear of what evil may befall us.
Let us reclaim our sovereignty for Good in our lives.
Let us receive the Blessing that already are here for All.

When we live from the Love that created us as Love, we give only Love.
When we speak with the Peace that is our birthright, we extend only Peace.
When we give with the Joy that is our natural state, we bring Happiness to others.
We are making the difference and are birthing a new paradigm by reclaiming the Truth.

Join together when anyone forgets.
Remembering together is our Gift.
Affirming one another as we tell the healing Truth.
We are awakening to what has always been and will always be,
Betty Lue