Saturday, August 11, 2012

Don’t Believe Your Judgments

We do not know all the facts.
We do not understand others’ motivations.
We have not experienced what others’ have learned.
We do not get what is going on.

We cannot see and know everything.
We cannot walk in another’s shoes.
We have not lived another’s life.
We do not experience their body, mind, relationships, environment, history, beliefs or life purpose.

How could we dare to judge anyone?
Most assuredly we must have learned from other’s judgments.
When we seek to agree with those who judge, we believe their judgments.
When we want to fit with a group, or family or belief system or culture, we buy their perceptions.

All the people we see have bodies.
Everyone seems to be going somewhere or doing something.
Each person appears to have a past and usually a future.
We all seem to have differing points of view, emotions and motivations.

We show up and when we pay attention, we perceive through our filters.
What we see and hear and feel depends on what is “Real” for us.
The “facts” are merely our perceived notions about what appears to be.
Everything is masked with our beliefs and judgments and clouded with emotion.

So what do I know?
When I see with forgiving eyes and heart and mind, I see Love expressing itself.
When I see with respect and trust in each giving their best, I see the call for Love.
When I see with an understanding that it is all Me seeing a reflection of me, I enjoy the show.

Our friendly conversations, making plans, giving advice, talking about others can be shared love.
Our demands, threats, judgments, warnings, and persuasive teaching is often about our fear.
And when anyone is afraid, they are calling for love.
When you and I are upset, we do not see clearly and cannot understand.

Let’s stop the insanity and simply respect one another’s life experience.
Let’s suspend our focus on differences and look for the sameness and union.
Let’s give up on making anyone “wrong” and look for the inner desire.
Let’s be in relationship to heal our differences and find common ground.

Forgive all judgments.  
Trust everyone is doing their best. 
Recognize that we all have different perceptions, beliefs and coping mechanixms.  
We can only be right with ourselves!
Thank for being willing to be willing to let go of all we do not know.
Loving you,  
Betty Lue