Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dare Not To Compare

The mind is trained to compare, evaluate, review and judge.
Our schooling teaches us to compare ourselves with others.
Our parenting involves evaluating our development physically, mentally and socially.
Our society evaluates data to influence decisions in every aspect of life.

If we do not compare, we see only now.
If we do not compare, we can be free of judging what was.
If we do not compare, we let go of measuring ourselves with others.
If we do not compare, we can experience the blessings of the present.

When I simply enjoy this moment, I am grateful.
When I experience right now, I feel blessed.
When I enjoy where I am and what I have, I am content.
When I trust this is my “right” place to be, I am at peace.
Pro’s and Con’s of Comparing
I am amused by comparing what is good and bad about “Comparing”.

Comparison may have value to keep us awake.
Comparison may help to motivate change.
Comparison may be beneficial in letting go.
Comparison may encourage us to know what is good.

Comparison may help not take life for granted.
Comparison may invite improvement.
Comparison facilitates competition.
Comparison sets up evaluation of good, better and best.

Comparing may discourage those who feel less than others.
Comparing may cause emotional pain and quitting.
Comparing may increase the likelihood of arrogance or bragging.
Comparing may encourage lying, cheating and stealing

Comparing can be a way we make ourselves feel blessed or cursed.
Comparing may make individuals try to blend in and belong.
Comparing may set some apart and special, in positive and negative ways.
Comparing may be a way we use to judge where we are in life.
When I stop comparing you and me, I see the perfection in everyone I see.
When I stop comparing where I am, I reveal the beauty and good in everywhere I am.
When I stop comparing the best and worst, I can experience the value of what is.
When I stop making anything or anyone “wrong”, I realize how it is all right just the way it is.

Loving us in exploring the powerful creativity of the mind, our thoughts and our choices,
Betty Lue