Thursday, August 16, 2012

Blessings Abound!

Let’s Celebrate Everyday!!

This is my Birthday.
Nothing special happens outside, but inside, I know I am blessed.
When we look for externals, sometimes we don’t see what is.
When we seek validation, sometime we don’t feel the appreciation.

But when we open our hearts, we see and know and receive the Love.
Life is a loving reminder. 
Each thought or word of gratitude is a bountiful blessing.
Each act of beneficence for anyone anywhere is a gift to us.

And so on this day and everyday, we must remember we are blessed.
It might take a special note or a yummy cake to wake us up.
It may even take a challenge or problem to get us to see.
But when we listen quietly inside we know we are loved and blessed.

What do you use to remind you of how much you are loved?
Where do you go to remember and know your worth?
How do you undo feelings of lack, littleness and limitation?
Can you make this day, this instant healing and holy?

Because we are one, I receive your intention, your need for reminders.
Because we are one, I receive your appreciation, your gifts of kindness.
Because we are one, I believe in you and know you can do whatever you desire.
Because we are one, I celebrate with you the joy of each day for the possibilities it brings.

May this day bring you exactly what you desire.
May you clear your mind of doubt, sabotage and fear.
May you be fully aware of your creative thoughts and words.
May you channel your energies into living the good life you deserve.

Forgiving, erasing and undoing limiting thoughts and foolish words clears the way.
Be open and willing to receive the Goodness, Wholeness and love you desire.
Have confidence in yourself and trust in the Divine to provide as you contribute Good to All.
Join with me in remembering to love with abundance and give with Joy.

Loving us all,
Betty Lue

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