Sunday, July 29, 2012

Taking Impeccable Care of You

Some play too much and forget to do the work. 
Some work too much and forget to play.
Some are serious too much and forget to laugh.
Some laugh too much and neglect to be focused.

Where is your balance in life?
Do you like your life?
Do you enjoy your relationships, your home and work, your self?
Are you fully responsible for the life you have created?

Have you ever really taken a look at what you have?
Have you asked yourself what you really want?
Have you been interested in making your life better?
Have you wondered how good your life could be?

Play and work in a balanced way.
Nurture yourself and Rest.
Nourish yourself and relax.
Social time and alone time, all in balance.

Each one of us requires some of each.
And we are all in unique in exactly what we need.
Your work is to take your life and let it be the best for you.
Your vocation is to give yourself exactly what you need.

When you take impeccable care of you, you feel loved.
When you give yourself the best, you feel cherished.
When you respect your needs, you are respectful of others.
When you remember to Love You first, you are truly loving of others.

When we are out of balance, we blame others to do it for us.
When we are caring for others first, we expect them to care for us.
When we are self-forgetting, we sacrifice and needy.
When we feel needy, we become dependent on others.

And so it is, we empty ourselves and feel unfulfilled.
We get lost in the shuffle and believe we don’t matter. 
We wait for the time when someone takes care of us.
Now is the time to bring balance and integrity back into our lives.

Those who take impeccable care of themselves give all without sacrifice.
Those who love themselves well are truly helpful and nurturing to others.
Those who keep their agreements with themselves are strong leaders.
Those who live life abundantly, give abundantly to others.

Live well.
Love well.
Be well.
Betty Lue