Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Keep It Simple

Why are we here?
We are here to heal. (to make whole and holy)
We are here to return to our natural state of wholeness.
We are here to remember we are created to be whole and holy.
We are here to heal tears and fears, resentment and guilt, anger and hate.
We are here to realize we can create the love and peace we want from within.

We are here to relate (to be in healing relationships.)
We are here to heal all our relationships, with everyone. ( not just the special ones, but everyone.)
We are here to return to peace, kindness, respect and appreciation for all.
We are here to undo whatever past history, judgment and pain we have allowed to poison us.
We are here to find the clues to release with forgiveness and return to our natural state of love.
We are here set aside our false pride and be the one who re-creates the blessings of Goodness.

How do we live and love and give?
We remember who we are.
We recognize the Love within.
We begin to forgive our selves for forgetting.
We simplify our task.
We begin to think and see differently.
We start where we can Love and appreciate easily.
We strengthen our willingness by valuing the blessings, the miracles of healing with love.
We enjoy the fruits of our spiritual labors and feel the changes grow within.
We touch lives with a smile, a touch, a word of gratitude, a joy shared, a kindness given and received.
We realize we are enough and teach others they are enough as well.
We stop comparison and criticism, evalutation and justication, resentment and guilt.
We wash away our mistakes and others as well, simply by remembering to Love.
We give ourselves the gift of peace when we erase everything that is not Here and Now.
We love each one who we encounter in the ways they are most willing to receive and trust.
We give ourselves the gift of happiness and freedom with no self judgment and no self  punishment.
We are kind to ourselves by always remembering to say YES to giving ourselves the Highest and Best.
We take time each day to say in everyway with everyone, “I give you my peace.”
We stop petty arguments and thoughtless words and obligatory deeds.
We offer respect, honesty and true service.

When we undo what is not true, we show up.
When we forgive our negative thinking, we pay attention.
When we erase the thoughts that have no place, we tell the Real truth. ( only Love.)
When we let go and allow only Goodness and Love to remains, we detach from the outcome.

You see, we are here to set everyone free to be.
For we really are Good and whole and beautiful.
Underneath all the fear, there is only Love.
So let us be and see the Truth..

Loving you and me and all, 
Betty Lue

Healing Relationships

You are responsible for your own happiness and inner peace.
Where we are upset (angry, hurt, afraid, judgmental), our past wounds (unhealed stuff) has been triggered.   This shows us where we have work to do.
The usual relationship habit is to try to “fix” the other person, to get them to change or stop saying or doing what has upset us. This makes the other feel “wrong” and guilty and hurt and angry and inadequate. This only exaggerates the problem.  
It is ineffective over the long term.
The real work is to heal our own woundedness, to clear our own buttons and heal our history and forgive allowing anything or anyone to hurt us.  When we have done our work, we can be truly effective, helpful and teach by example.
This is a big job.  
It cannot be done overnight, but takes constant practice.
We must first take good care of ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually.  
Being conscious and taking impeccable care of ourselves is essential to quality relationships.
Begin now with learning to love, respect, trust and appreciate yourself.
The more you love, trust, respect and appreciate yourself, 
the more others will love, trust, respect and appreciate you.
The more you love, respect, trust and appreciate yourself, 
the more others will do the same for themselves and  for others.
You are the living example, the teacher, with everything you think, say and do.