Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Grandparent’s Camp

This week we have three grandkids: Harper and Lila (7 yr old twin sisters) and Beckett (5 1/2yr old brother.)  they are in a horseback Camp in the morning and then swimming lessons and then playing games with us, reading, at the beach or other fun stuff the rest of the day.  It is fun and fatiguing for us.
Lots to do and requiring present time listening, since they are high self esteemed, very verbal and social plus inquisitive kids.  How do parents ever find the time and energy?  
I plan and prep meals + Laundry and cleaning house when they are gone, while doing my usual work at computer, and with clients, plus organizing my new office (just moved in last Wednesday),  and usual business activities, etc. Yes, everyday lots to do that is meaningful, helpful and supports my mission: “I am the space of freedom and trust where love is remembered and wholeness restored.”
The real work we have is to support ourselves in remembering why we are here.
The real work is to realize and realign with our purpose in life.
The real work is to take impeccable care of our whole Self, mind, body and Spirit.
The real work is to show up, pay attention and tell the High Truth without attachment.

When we can play at work and not take it too seriously, we maintain joy and gratitude.
When we live in the moment and do what we can, we appreciate ourselves and all we do.
When we are serving with Love and receiving the gifts we give, we stay at peace.
When we give our best to everyone all the time, we are happy and in love.

And so it is that we can be in this world maintain a positive attitude and easy flow. 

Children are with us to remember how to enjoy life.
Children demonstrate how to be excited and delighted.
Children show us what it’s like to live in the present.
Children naturally want to learn, help and care for one another.

Children let their feelings show.
Children use their minds to dream.
Children are free to create.
Children allow themselves full expression.

When we are adulterated and learn to behave as adults, we often limit ourselves.
When we take on the seriousness of the world, we may stop believing we can be free.
When we see ourselves separate from trees, animals, the earth and others, we may feel afraid.
When we no longer explore, but take on the warnings of worldly teaching, we get stuck.

Let’s keep on singing and dancing.
Let’s try new things everyday.
Let’s look at life with forgiving eyes that look for the Good.
Let’s give everyone, including ourselves, another chance to do the right thing.

It takes so little to love unconditional and serve from the heart.
When we love and serve everyone, we truly remember God for Goodness Sake.
Isn’t that what God is……Pure good expressing it Self in us and through us?
And when we see things with our the filters of fear, we see always the Good.

Loving  you and me as we set ourselves free,
Betty Lue

Sending to most of the parents I know,
Thought you might be interested in this piece for kids.  
Need to start young to raise responsible children, but it is never too late.  
First you must have a positive relationship with them.  
Children learn to be respectful when they feel respected.
Children learn to listen when they feel listened to.
Children learn to be responsible from watching adults assume responsibility with enjoyment not complaining.
Children are watching us to see how it is to grow up.
They take on our attitudes, languaging and behaviors, so be conscious of what you are teaching.
I never ask someone to do what I am unwilling or too lazy to do.
I model the behavior I want to teach.
I think, speak and act in a respectful, responsible and cooperative way.
Children learn because they feel LOVED!
Ask me questions if you want to understand more. 
Blessings and gratitude to all parents. 
It is the most difficult, rewarding and important job in the world.