Friday, July 20, 2012

Everything Changes

In this physical world everything is changing.
To expect things to stay the same is foolish.
To try to get things back the way they were is mistaken.
To believe we can keep things the same is crazy.

Bodies change.
Feelings change.
Relationships change.
Jobs change.
Institutions change.
Government changes.
Rules and laws change.
Ethics and etiquette changes.
Religions change.
The earth changes.
Climate changes.
Finances change.
Possibilities change.
Creativity changes.
Agreements change.
Personalities change.
Families change.
Children change.
Technology changes.
Diets and foods change.
Beliefs change.
Everything changes.

You are changing.
To cling to what was promotes stagnation and death.
To open to what is and what will be promotes growth and health.
What will it be for you and for me?

I encourage us all to step into the unknown where we cannot control what will be in the future.
I invite us each to welcome the changes and begin to use them all for Good and with Grace.
I ask everyone to begin with innocence and inner wisdom to embrace what will be happily.
We can all set ourselves and others free by relinquishing our need to control and be stuck.

Continue what you can continue.
Appreciate what is and be happy.
Enjoy what you have and feel trusting.
Love those you love no matter what happens.
Be free to explore possibilities and know you can choose.

Life is a kaleidoscope of color and shape, a myriad of possibilities emerge just by turning around.
Enjoy the beauty and the blessing of each one without needing to keep in place what used to be.
Loving you and me as we choose to be free.
Let it be.  Let it be.  It will be easier to simply let go.
Betty Lue

As my Mom used to say, “ The only constant is change.”
Let’ s go with the flow as we row our boat gently down the stream.
After all, it is what it is.