Thursday, June 07, 2012

We Are The Healers

Yes, we are the first generation to clear the fears, errors and suffering of all past generations.
We are the awakening ones who are doing the work to free all future generations.
We are the willing ones who have volunteered to clear what was and be present with what is.
We are the ones who remember and commit to live our Holy Healing Purpose.

When we are caught in our dilemmas and problems, we often forget it is not personal.
When we realize and carry dis-eases, anxieties, resentments and guilt, it is not ours alone.
When we get stuck in the worldly complexities based on defenses and compensations, we forget.
When we are confused by the focus on the body, we forget the causal factors in our thinking.

We are here to reveal and heal the errors in our minds.
We are here to clear the fear and return to wholeness and Love.
We are here to forgive the past and live in the here and now.
We are here to undo whatever is not wholly true and good and loving.

It all begins within.
“Each step I take is holy ground.
   Every word I speak is true.
       Every song I sing of Holiness
           Is giving praise to You.”

Every day in every way we can begin within to do what comes for us to heal.
When we have thoughts of fear, we can forgive and release them for all.
When we have thoughts of suffering, we can have compassion and heal them for all.
When we have thoughts of anger, we can forgive them and use our energy for healing.

When we encounter others in need, we can set aside our own learned beliefs and join with them in love.
When we seek to help another, we can respond with Loving kindness to all calls for help.
When we hear of needs in our world, we can breathe a breath of compassion to all in need.
When we realize how many are sleeping in the past, we can awaken ourselves and renew our minds.

Rather than take myself and my issues so personally, perhaps it is wise to see how I am helping others.
Rather than get stuck in avoiding with fear,  I can choose to step forward in faith with courage and trust.
Rather than waiting for others to do the transformative work, perhaps we together can heal ourselves.
Rather than getting caught in the worldly process, I can relinquish the fear and choose the way of peace.

Letting go of the worldly ways is a giant step from conforming to what seems to be.
Letting go of worldly fears, defenses and beliefs in struggle and strife, we can choose sweet release.
Letting go of the old practices and teachings, we can simplify our choices and learn to listen within.
Letting go of letting the body and emotions lead, we can opt for inspiration and higher understanding.

We each are healing our own mind, body, relationships, finances, and past history.
We each are choosing for a higher way of relating to the world we see.
We each are inviting ourselves to think with a holy healing mind.
We each are choosing for Joy and Peace and Love.

Bless us all, everyone, 
Betty Lue
The 12 Principles of Attitudinal Healing

1.       The essence of our being is love.

2.       Health is inner peace, healing is letting go of fear.

3.       Giving and receiving are the same.

4.       We can let go of the past and of the future.

5.       Now is the only time there is, and each instant is for giving.

6.       We can learn to love ourselves and others by forgiving rather than by judging.

7.       We can become love finders rather than fault finders.

8.       We can choose and direct ourselves to be peaceful inside, regardless of what is happening outside.

9.       We are students and teachers to each other.

10.    We can focus on the whole of life, rather than the fragments.

11.    Since love is eternal, change need not be viewed as fearful.

12.    We can always perceive others as either extending love or giving a call for help.

Attitudinal Healing affirms that we are responsible for our thoughts and whatever feelings we experience.
Attitudinal Healing encourages us to re-examine our relationships, bringing them into the present by releasing past judgments and grievances.
Attitudinal Healing reminds us that perception is a mirror of what is in our mind.