Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Learning, Letting Go and Trusting

What are you learning?
Life is a learning laboratory.
If you are not learning, you may feel a sense of meaninglessness in your life.
When you are actively learning, you will feel curiosity, wonder, enthusiasm and gratitude.

When we have an attitude of excitement and delight about life each moment, we feel awakened.
Everyone and everything is our teacher.
Every moment is rich with wonder and the miracles of relating to all that is.
We are inspired by the transformative changes, the exquisite beauty and the desire to Love it All. 
I am alive, alert and enthusiastic everyday.

What are you letting go?
Discovery is a constant process of releasing everything we have believed, judged and made up.
Only when we release and undo what is not true, can we behold the integral Truth in all things.
Only when we forgive, erase and set free people and things, memories and judgments, can we be free.

When we are free of stuck and stubborn defenses against the Higher Truth, we can see the Infinite.
There is a greater Truth beyond our petty truths we have made up and agreed upon.
What we thought was our defense against harm actually recreates what we fear.
As we release what we created, we can choose again for what we seek to see and be and live.
Letting go is fun, safe and easy.  
Letting go is natural and healthy.

What are you trusting?
What we wholeheartedly trust is our sanctuary, our comfort and our refuge.
Trusting is the prerequisite to clear all fear.
Trusting is the opportunity to let go of outer authority and seek trust within.

When we can be a safe place for others, we begin to experience safety everywhere.
When we know we are gently guided by One Whose only purpose is our Good, we trust.
When we forgive all lack of love and safety and gentleness, we create love within and around us.
When we respond to ourselves with reassurance, respect and kindness, we can feel the sweet release.

I trust in the love (God and Good) within me and All.
I know there is Peace when I extend only Peace.
I know there is Love, when I remember I Am Love.
I know only Joy, when I choose Joy.

I am here to be truly helpful to myself.
The healing of all follows naturally with no effort .
May I remember to begin with me.
May I be the Love, the Peace, the Joy, the Trust I seek.

Loving me and from this I Love You!
Betty Lue