Wednesday, June 06, 2012


To heal is to make happy.
To heal is to find inner peace.
To heal is to reveal what is concealed.
To heal is to let go of the blocks to Love.

We may seek a cure or a quick fix for the body or mind.
We may go for temporary burst of anger or tears for relief.
We may choose to ignore the bills or choose bankruptcy.
We may blame someone or something or try to get another to fix our ills.

To heal is to make whole.
To heal is to reveal the block to our holiness, our perfection.
To heal is to clear the fear that limits us.
To heal is to remember our freedom and trust for Self, for others, for life.

To heal is returning to our natural state.
To heal is realizing what is real beneath the apparency.
To heal is to deny that error can hurt us.
To heal is to take care of the worldly stuff to live our inspired life.

What does it take to heal ourselves?
Releasing fear.
Having compassion for our suffering.
Listening within.
Remembering the Truth.
Letting go of old stories.
Taking good care of our body, mind, Spirit, finances, relationships and all we have.
Allowing the flow of All Good and only Good.
Living consciously with integrity.
Being open and willing to go with the flow.
Trusting in the Highest Outcome.
Forgiving all blocks, limitations, negativity and judgments.
And following our inner guidance, a built in GPS system that guides us to wholeness.

I love myself the way I am.
I am sorry for any suffering I have caused myself or others.
I Have compassion for myself and all others.
I release and affirm, love and bless, the Wholeness and Holiness in me and All.

May we all today and everyday be kind, trusting and compassionate with ourselves.
May we remember to Good within and give thanks.
May we reveal and heal what is calling for Love.
May we align with God, choose thoughts that heal and live Life fully and freely.

Loving us all, 
Betty Lue

Healing Vs. Cure
(Used in the Wellness community)
1.  Cure may occur without healing.
   Healing may occur without cure.
   Healing and Cure may occur simultaneously.
2.  Cure considers the body separately from soul.
   Healing embraces the whole 
   (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relationships).
3.  Cure is acting upon and is based on fear.
   Healing is being with in love and faith.
4.  Cure isolates.
   Healing incorporates.
5.  Cure combats illness.
   Healing fosters wellness.
6.  Cure fixes the body.
   Healing corrects perception.
7.  Cure is the application of external authority.
   Healing is an inner process.
8.  Cure is a closed system.
   Healing is an open system.
9. Cure focuses on the future.
   Healing focuses on the present.
10. Cure is performed upon another.
   Healing shares with a sister, brother.
11.  Cure manages.
   Healing touches.
12. Cure often issues from fear.
   Healing usually issues from faith.
13. Cure seeks to conquer pain.
   Healing seeks to transcend pain.
14. Cure seeks to hold grief at a distance.
   Healing incorporates grief.
15.  Cure has a beginning and an end.
   Healing is on ongoing process.
16. Cure encounters mystery as a challenge for knowledge and understanding.
   Healing encounters mystery as a challenge to find meaning.
17.  Cure focuses on what is happening to you.
   Healing focuses on how you respond to what is happening to you.
18. Cure rejects death and views it as a defeat.
   Healing includes death among the possible blessed outcomes.