Monday, June 04, 2012

Choose Consciously

Every day we can choose again.
Every moment we can choose to begin anew.
Every relationship can have healing relief.
Every thought expresses our belief.

It takes letting go of what was to begin again.
It takes forgiving our judgments to think creatively.
It takes being open and willing to have what we want.
It takes trusting the power of words to live our heart’s desire.

So what we have is what we have chosen.
Sometimes by default and being a victim of others beliefs.
Sometimes because we don’t know and are still exploring.
Sometimes we are afraid to choose and be disappointed.

What will it take to let the past go, mistakes and all?
What will it take to undo our fear of what we are avoiding?
What will it take to be free of pain, hurt, anxiety and disappointment?
What will it take to get unstuck and simply choose again for a new beginning?

Everyday we can make new and renewing.
Everyday can be a vacation of the old routines/
Everyday can be an opportunity to choose again with freedom.
Everyday we can sing a new song and share a new attitude with joy and gratitude.

To think of the past is to repeat it.
To share stories of the past is to remember it.
To try to understand the past is to review it again and again.
Each time to relook, we create a stronger attachment, picture and likelihood we will attract the same.

So why listen to bad stories?
Why read our old journals and diaries?
Why keep complaining about the same old stuff?

That is a good question.  Why?
Is there a healthy reason?
Is there a healing purpose?
It there a positive outcome?

The more people that believe, the more likely it will grow again.
The more minds joined in agreement, the more sure it will repeat itself. 
(If not with you, then with them.)
The more you feel the feeling and think the thoughts, the more the result lives on in you.

Do you remember the good parts of your life or the bad ones?
Do you tell stories of miracles and magic, or stories of tragedy and pain?
Do you work hard to create beauty and goodness or try hard to avoid the awful  and ugly?
Do you choose to forgive easily and quickly or hang on to resentment and regret?

Yes, it is a choice.
Get stuck in fear of what was???
Or Celebrate what is here right now!
Life is a continuous opportunity to know compassion and joy or to resist hatred and pain.

I am choosing the compassion and joy right now
Betty Lue