Thursday, October 27, 2011

Do It With Love!

Whatever you do, do it with Love.
Whatever you choose, choose it with Gratitude.
Whatever you make, make it with Joy.
Whatever you say, say it with your heart.

When we do what we hate, we lose energy.
When we choose with conflicting feelings, we create ambiguity and uncertain result.
When we make something with resentment, it fails to serve our purpose.
When we speak with fear or hate, we generate guilt, sickness and weaken ourselves.

To be energized, do everything with full appreciation.
To be empowered, live your life with Love.
To be effective, choose clarity and communicate with conviction.
To achieve excellence, create what you value and enjoy.

We experience abundant living when we give wholeheartedly.
We experience freedom of expression when we listen within for inspired words.
We experience vitality and enthusiasm all day when we live life to its fullest right now.
We know boundless love, trust, freedom and energy when we give generously with Love.

Life is choice.
Pay bills with gratitude for the goods and services received.
Serve others with full appreciation and respect for the gifts you have to give.
Work always being grateful for the jobs you have and the values you support financially.
Love everyone with open-mindedness and appreciation for their Essence, for they are part of You.
Prepare and eat foods that nourish your body with gratitude for their Goodness and contribution.
Appreciate all those who serve you, both seen and unseen services and goods provided us to live.
Honor the ones who inspire us with their lives and their creative expressions, past and present.
Give thanks to our elders who provided wisdom, made mistakes to learn from and gave food for thought.
Yes, enjoy each day for the opportunity to play, to heal, to contribute, to create, to love and appreciate.

Life is what we make it!
When we think positive, we live positively.
When we think abundant, we live abundantly.
When we think with trust, we live with trust.

And what we give, we receive in the giving.
What we share naturally, we demonstrate we care naturally.
Where we help and serve, we help and serve ourselves as well.
We are creating the world we see and experience with every thought, word and deed.

And so it is all Good!
Loving us all abundantly and Joyously,
Betty Lue