Thursday, August 11, 2011

Requirements for Positive Change

VisionKnow what you want.
DecideChoose consciously.
ActMove forward with enthusiasm.
PersistContinue until you succeed.

Vision: I recommend that you listen deeply to what you desire for you.
Listen for the highest outcome, rather than searching for the details.
Be willing to wait in silence with a blank canvas until something clear appears.
Trust that the vision that brings happiness and peace, a sense of wholeness is the one.

Your inner observer and teacher know what is best for you.
When you consult with others, they will express their favorite opinion from what they know.
When you give another power to choose for you, they will.
When you demonstrate your own confusion and fear, it dilute and interferes with your choice.

Simply do what is before you, one step at a time.
No need to explain or justify your choices to anyone.
Affirm what you are doing for yourself with appreciation and encouragement.
Be flexible, resilient and willing to move around and through obstacles without guilt or blame.


Never quit on your ultimate goal.
Remember what is “best” for you is best for others.
Hold the highest intention for all concerned.
Be responsible for forgiving and choosing again easily.

Stay Conscious:

Be open and willing for change.
When upset, recognize where you are off purpose.
When not at peace with yourself, ask what is true for you.
When you judge anyone or anything, forgive and choose again for what you really want.

Remember life is change.

When we make conscious changes in response to changing inner and outer conditions, you will maintain peace order and harmony.
When we make unconscious changes based on reactive habits and addictions, you will feel unstable, caution and fearful of the unknown outcomes.

I am loving and celebrating us all as we walk with delight into light thoughts, feelings and experiences,

Betty Lue

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Listen within and honor your inner calling.
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