Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Honorable Closure

Honorable closure acknowledges:
1)   the learning and growth received,
2)   challenges and difficulties experienced,
3)   appreciation of gifts and blessings,
4)   forgiveness and amends made.

New Year’s eve is a valuable time to complete our relationship with this year.
This invites us to close the year with peace and Love.
Honorable closure lays this year to rest, with no carry-overs, so we can begin anew.
It is a way of ending every relationship and experience, so we can live at peace in the present moment.

While this year has had many challenges, it is most important to appreciate their learning value.
While 2010 was a year of difficulties for many folks, it also has taught us to appreciate what we have.
In the past year, we had an invitation to respond to others with kindness, compassion and generosity.
In our own lives, we are encouraged to simplify, to stay awake and responsible for our choices.

While it may have seemed extraordinarily challenging, I believe it was a blessing in disguise.
Let us use all that we have experienced for healing, learning and personal growth.
Take time today to stop and answer your own questions:

What have I learned this year?
What challenges have I faced?
What are the blessings I appreciate?
Have I forgiven my mistakes?

Life is a learning laboratory….a universe city…..which invites us to learn from everything!
What we learn, how we learn and how easily we learn, is our choice.
When we learn and practice, we grow in power and in peace.
When we appreciate our learning, we enhance our learning.

Life is a process of waking up for those who are willing.
Waking up means taking full responsibility for our life experiences.
For some life is a carnival ride, where we can choose the easy ones or the scary ones.
For some life is like surfing, looking for the big waves and seeing how well we can ride.
For those who choose to stay asleep, their lives can look like finding the lazy and comfortable way.
For those who choose to sleep in dreams of disaster and despair, they may feel victimized by life.

How are you viewing your life today?
Have you changed your life views over time?
Are you awakening and taking responsibility?
Are you helping others stay comfortable?
Do you protect others from learning their own lessons?

Let us use today to discover our own unique relationship with our own life.
Let us respond to what life brings with open-mindedness, willingness and appreciation.
Let us enjoy what we have created and release with gratitude what we have learned.
Let us celebrate another year, a graduation into our new year 2011 of new choices for Good.

Loving us all as we graduate to the new Year.
Betty Lue

Invitation to those who wish to join me in reading and practicing lessons in A Course in Miracle this year.
Beginners and long time practitioners of the Course are invited.

A Course in Miracles was written for two psychologists who were looking for a “better way to live.”
It has been edited so the personal guidance specifically for them was removed.
It is not for everyone and resonates with only some who may feel connected to its message and format.

There is a text, a workbook with lessons for a year, and a teacher’s manual, plus some supplementary materials written later.
It is “inspired “or “channeled” writing or what I experience when I listen within.
Helen Schucman asked, listened within and she trusted what she was hearing enough to write it down.
I received the books in 1976 and have read, practiced and facilitated groups over 34 years.
I have worked with the workbook lessons 16 times or more and my favorite is the Teacher’s Manual which I read first.

My suggestion for beginners: 

Read the Last lesson and Epilogue at the end of the Workbook and Introduction to the Teacher’s Manual.  
If you resonate or desire to have this experience, I suggest you begin with one lesson a day in the Workbook.
Remember this is a Course in mind training or undoing your way of thinking.
It undoes our errant learned belief system to allow us to perceive our world differently.

If you want to join me and others via email, let me know and you will be included.

Everyone is welcome to work with the Course in their own way.
Everyone is welcome to comment, to ask and answer questions to be shared with others in the group.
Everyone is welcome to share their inner guidance when they sit and listen for the direction of HS.

This is a personal study, but may be enhanced by sharing your experiences with others.
Blessing us all as one, when we connect to heal, forgive, grow and inspire ourselves and others.
Betty Lue