Monday, April 05, 2010


Tonight I begin a Miracles and Master Mind group at Unity Center for Inspired Living. (See description below.)
I am combining two new thought processes to expand and integrate what is essentially the same.
Having been a student of the Course in Miracles since 1976, I am aware of its everlasting value.
I have worked with the workbook lessons through at least 17 years.
Each time I teach, facilitate and lead a Miracles group, I am delighted and deepened in my realizations.

Like Life, the Course in Miracles invites us to awaken to our true identity and live trusting God within.

As I was awakening, I heard from within.
Love is the answer, whatever the question.
Trust will solve every problem now.
Forgiveness gives us everything we want.
There is nothing to do.

So simple and clear.
So obvious and real.
So powerful and all-encompassing.
And still our ego seeks answers, defenses, compromise and riches busily doing more and getting more.

How can we change our minds and awaken to see, hear, feel and know the simple truth is within?
When we are ready, we will find a teacher or a teaching which will resonate with our quest.
When we are willing to let go, we will allow Higher Power to lead the way to Peace.
When we love and trust and respect the Goodness within, we will accept all the Good available to us.

The quest is erasing all doubts and fears and years of trying, to allow the Truth of Our Identity and Love be revealed and remembered.
We are the Ones we seek, the Love we long for and the respect we deserve.
We are the Ones who can offer us peace and open the door to heaven here and now.
We are the Ones who can know what is Good and Whole and Loving.
We are the Ones………

The miracles of life all come from Love.
Everything that comes from Love is a miracle.
When we are in Love, everything is a miracle.
Love is the answer and Gratitude leads the way.

Are you ready for a life of Love?
Are you willing to be the One?
Are you open to listening within for guidance?
Are you trusting in the goodness within You?

I am loving and celebrating the One We Are,
Betty Lue

New  Six week April-May Class

Miracles and Master Mind Class
With Betty Lue

·   Undo lack, limitation and littleness.
·   Recognize the blocks used to sabotage, confuse and delude you.
·   Release habits, patterns and addictions interfering with your peace.
·   Focus your energy on what is truly yours to do and have and be.
·   Free yourself from distractions, detours, delays and denial.

Practice the art of Inner Listening.
Heal the past with Forgiveness.
Find freedom from fear.
Be Grateful for what is.
Return to Enthusiasm.

Remember, the blessings already are.
Enlightenment is merely uncovering our eyes.
Manifestation is saying 100% YES to what has value.

 Six Monday evenings, 7-8:30PM  Will continue if interest.
Where? Unity Center for Inspired Living
             50 Sand Creek Rd, Suite 140, Brentwood, CA 94513
How Much? Contribution from the heart is appreciated!
Leave a message to register.

What you have and give amplifies your gratitude and joy.”