Thursday, April 01, 2010

Foolish or a Holy Fool?

Are you foolish?
Do you want to believe things will change, when you stay the same?
Do you try to trust someone and deny what you see and feel and hear them say?
Do you make up myths and fantasies, magical thinking, and fail to do the personal work?

People sometimes are so busy complaining about others, they have no time left for their own work.
It seems easier to blame another than to choose to heal, grow and change ourselves.
Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is foolish.
Experimenting with thoughts and word, attitudes and behavior will always yield changes.

The Fool in the Tarot symbology is fearless, adventurer, traveler, carefree and happy.
What would it take for you to be fearless, an adventurer, carefree and happy?
For me, it takes, forgiving myself for believing in the errant and emotional personalitites.
For me, I must drop my trust in others ever changing minds and moods and trust in the Spirit within.

The Holy fool knows that human relationships are changeable when guided by emotions.
The Truth within knows we cannot trust ourselves or others when we rely on our patterns.
The Wise Self does not count on those who are limited, fearful and needy for consistency.
The Foolish One pretends to be what he fears he is not and deceives himself and others.

I know I do not know about the changeable personality in me and you and our world.
I know I can only change myself and choose to become more conscious, more aware and more at choice.
I know that my thoughts, words and behavior are creating the experiences I want to have.
I know that I can only influence by example not by threats, demands and wishful thinking.

My wisdom is in realizing that I have work to do.
My wisdom is knowing that I do no and cannot know without listening within.
My wisdom shows me that only when I am willing to trust the Voice within can I live at peace.
My wisdom tells me I am here to conceive, believe and commit to living the Highest Truth I know.

The work here is mine.
The work here is daily.
The work here is rewarding.
The work here is my Holy and Healing work.

I am willing to be the One.
I am willing to always do the Work.
I am willing to be fearless and carefree and happy.
I am willing to listen within, trust and respect what I hear and know and take the risk fearlessly.

I am willing to do the Work.  Are YOU?
Betty Lue