Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Do No Harm

Do not harm yourself or others.
Do not speak about others in unkind ways.
Do not imagine or wish harm to anyone.
Do not harm yourself with guilt, self pity or neglect.

When we are content, in love and happy with ourselves, no one and nothing will hurt our feelings.
When we are at peace, with no guilt, shame, regret or resentment, no harm will come to us.
When we are full of the light and love of the good within us, we do not take on the pain of others.
When we are extending love, appreciation and open-mindedness, we see only the need to give Love.

When we are upset by something or someone, it shows us where we have a wound in the past.
When we are afraid of someone or something, it is a printour of where we do not Trust.
When we are angered and resentful, it tells us we have been hurt and are afraid of more pain.
When we are sad and filled with regret, it reminds us we have forgotten to fill each moment with Love.

Love is the answer…..to everything that confronts us.
Love is healing.
Love is helpful.
Love offers gratitude to everyone, including ourselves.

Trust will settle every problem now.
Doubt comes from fear and distrust of ourselves and our world.
Trust engenders the willingness to listen within to the place of certainty in power and peace.
Trust begins the process of surrendering to the Voice that responds to all things with healing Love.

Forgiveness offers everything we want.
When we hold our limitations, mistakes, unconsciousness and belief in lack in our minds, we rechoose experiences that are painful and feel dramatic and lack in love and joy and peace.
When we erase all that we have falsely learned and leave only love and light in our minds, we can choose again for the beauty and goodness, abundance and kindness we deserve.
When we are willing to undo the untruth and reclaim the Higher Truth within, we begin the journey to a life of perfect Trust in the Love within.

Life is meant to be a place of healing, learning and growth in spiritual consciousness.
Life is a perfect reflection of the unhealed and stormy places within our past, calling for love.
Life offers us a gathering of souls calling forth the best we can remember to be given freely.
Life is a co-creation designed by the Higher Us to awaken us to live our Holy Purpose.

So today let us recommit to do no harm.
Let us remember to stop hurting ourselves with unkind or critical thoughts or words.
Let us stop behaving in ways that are not beneficial, inspiring and for our Highest Good.
Let us give ourselves the very Best we know with thoughts, words and activities.

The more we benefit and bless ourselves, the more we bless and benefit others.
And so it is.
I am loving you and me as One,
Betty Lue

Throughout this toilsome world, alas!
Once and only once I pass;
 If a kindness I may show,
 If a good deed I may do
 To a suffering fellow man,
 Let me do it while I can.
No delay, for it is plain
 I shall not pass this way again.