Friday, March 26, 2010

What You Believe, You Will Perceive!

Do you have it backwards?
Are you letting your perceptions be the cause of your beliefs?
Are afraid of those things you judge as dangerous?
Do you allow the world you experience to be the cause of your feelings, thoughts and beliefs?

Our beliefs, our thoughts and attitudes are creating our perception.
When we allow what we see to shape our beliefs, we are victims of the world.
When we allow the Goodness within to lead, we see the Goodness within all things.
When we are willing to come to peace first, our understanding will be transformed by the Peace.

First Peace, the Peace of God, the Peace of Goodness, then True understanding follows.
So often we are trying to gather information, opinions and documentation to analyze and form a belief.
What if we begin with the premise that everything works together for Good, for God?
What if we trust that we are shaping our perceptions and experiences by our belief in Good?

When we believe in Good in All That Is, are we not willing to invite, welcome and increase the Good?
When we believe in evil forces, are we not contributing, increasing and exalting the same?
With our beliefs, we make what we believe real.
Wherever we are joined, all things are possible…….so why not enhance what we want to experience?

Magicians use belief to make the audience perceive what they believe.
Politicians use persuasion to make the citizens believe what they want them to buy into.
Teachers use their authority to make students believe they can or cannot learn.
Parents make children believe in Santa Claus, tooth fairy and other stories to persuade good behavior.

Fear teaches us and future generations to be afraid.
Love teaches that Love dissolves all fear.
Metaphysics teaches that what you give energy to will grow and increase.
Religion teaches that the blessings of God and Goodness will conquer fear and yield more blessings.

If our beliefs make it so….then believe in good, in miracles, in Love, in blessings for all.
If what we believe contributes to what we perceive, then believe in healing, in grace, in justice for all.
If what we believe is creating our “reality” and our experience, let’s change our mind and our words.
If our beliefs have power to create, let us be consciously responsible for every word we think and say.

Fear of victimization sets us up to experience being victimized.
Fear of disease sets in place vulnerability to illness.
Fear of darkness, disaster and death haunts us with the experiences we fear.
Fear of being afraid focuses our attention and perception on everything we can find to fear.

It is time to clear the fear and let only God and Good be near.
Fear begets fear. Love begets Love.
Fear contracts and limits our perception to see only what we fear.
Love expands and opens our minds and our hearts to more Love.

TRUST will settle every problem now.
Are you willing to trust in Good and Trust in a Loving God?
Are you willing to believe (beneath the fear) all men are created in the likeness and image of God.
Are our open to understanding that Love creates Love for the purpose of Loving?

I realized that for me…
In all things I choose first to go to God, the Voice of Goodness within, to come to peace and find the Truth.
Everything else is planning, defenses and quick fixes from the learned voices of fear in the world.

Loving you with each wake up call I receive.
Trusting they will be helpful for you, too!

Loving you, 

Betty Lue