Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Succinct Reminders

(Short but Sweet and True)

Off to Alameda early this AM to spend the day with the three grandchildren.
Such a privilege to be with children.

Children are Loving Reminders!
Innocence- See the Good, the miraculous, the silliness in life.
Courage- Be free of worry as you try new things.
Openness- Reach out to those in your world to connect.
Generosity- Share your self and your things with people you want to play with.
Honesty- Tell the truth about who you are and what you want and give it to yourself.
Joy- Be free in expressing the happiness and freedom you feel.  Let it out.
Tolerance- Deal with adult grouchiness by stepping away until there is acceptance.
Gentleness- Be soft in touch and words when you see someone is hurting.
Defenselessness- Be natural in your needs, your wishes, your truths.
Patience- Let go of trying so hard to please others and take time to please yourself.
Helpfulness- Be pleased with yourself when you can be helpful to others.

When we are with our five year old twins and their 3 ½ yr. old brother, we always find many things to explore together, to enjoy together, to help each other.
Today we will be playing games, being helpful around the house, buy and plant flowers in the yard, cook and serve lunch together, and probably walk to the local park.  Sounds like a good life to me.

Loving you in loving you well today and everyday!
Betty Lue