Monday, March 15, 2010


How do you demonstrate respect for yourself?
Do you respect your mind with what you read and view on TV, movies, internet etc?
Do you respect your body with what you ingest and how you talk to your physical self?
Do you respect your spirituality, your inner child, your sensitivity with kindness and love?

How do you demonstrate your respect for others?
Do you listen to each person uniquely or treat everyone the same?
Do you respond to the needs of others with compassion or with disdain?
Do you take time to listen within in how you love, contribute and give to others?

How do you respect your home?
Do you keep it in good repair consistently?
Do you keep your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen  and all clean and in order?
Is there harmony and peace in your home with the words spoken and the sounds on TV, radio, etc?

How do you demonstrate respect for your job, your place of work or learning?
Are you consistently on time?
Do you give your best at all times?
Are you willing to take full responsibility for the quality of your work and your relationships?

How do you respect the Earth and its resources?
Are you conscious and grateful for the water you use, the air you breathe and the food you eat
Do you take the time to bless and replenish the resources you use as indigenous people do?
Are you aware of what you leave behind in garbage, unused or spoiled food and other waste?

How do you respect your elders, teachers, benefactors and service providers?
Do you remember to say “Thanks” and show your gratitude with helpfulness and remuneration?
Do you bless what you are given to ensure it is used for the Highest Good?
Do you honor the contributions others have given and continue to give to your and your life?

How do you demonstrate your respect and value for your whole life?
Have you released your complaints and criticism to see the value and learning in it all?
Do you take the time to be grateful and fulfilled by how much you have learned and earned?
Are you willing to behold your Magnificence, your Beauty and your Goodness?

Our perspective changes when we truly are willing to respect how much we have and give and how we live and love!
To respect means to value and honor what we create and experience in  our lives.
Bless us all in inspiring and increasing our respect for all that is.

Betty Lue