Monday, March 22, 2010

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Our Preamble to the Constitution reminds us that these are the truths we hold as inalienable rights.
Yes, I am pleased for the passing of the health care reform.
We have begun to live up to our constitution and give all people the wellness and health care.
 We are the last developed nation to ensure comprehensive health care.

It is time to bring back respect and a civilized way of discussing and debating without threatening.
We have freedom of speech and press which has been taken to an extreme.
Our ethics and values have slipped to allow name-calling, threats and fear-mongering.
It seems as a culture we have lost our sense of civility and our innate rights and values.

May every man woman and child in our families, communities, nation and world be respected.
May we remember to give what we want to receive in all our communication and affairs.
May we realize that we are modeling the behaviors we are teaching future generations.
May we forgive ourselves for the profanity, as well as the lack of respect and courtesy due everyone.

We can reclaim a nation where violence and crime, drugs and hostility are not an everyday occurrence.
We can begin in our workplace and our homes.
We can stop becoming like the behavior we want to eliminate.
We can each model the words, actions and beliefs we know will better life for all people.

Yes, it is time to stand up with courage, sit quietly at peace and speak kindly in prayer.
For every thought, word and deed is teaching all the universe.
It is time to clear our minds of hatred and fear.
It is time to free our expressions of inciteful and insane words.
It is time to stop seeking revenge or being covert in our hostility and aggression.
These are games for the immature, uneducated and unconscious among us.
When there is a bully on the playground, remember he has lost his way in fear and separation.

Thank You for being among those who say YES to treating everyone on the planet with respect.
Thank You for being someone who reaches out with help to those in need.
Thank You for being a model of One who gives their very Best in all circumstances.
Thank You for being conscious and teaching with everything your think and do and give.

It takes each one of us to make a difference in making our world better for all.
Loving you in loving, in trust and freedom for all,
Betty Lue